This years love.

I fell in love with someone who lit a fire in my soul.

Burned a star into my eyes.

Caressed a hand around my heart.

I always felt I was two steps behind him…

Smiling and laughing, with a skip in my stride to keep up.

One day, I couldn't skip.

He continued walking.

He called out to me.

I reached my arm towards him, to no avail.

He paused. Briefly. And walked again.

He paused once more,

Looking at the smiling faces beside him, then back at me.

He frowned, his eyes staring at my fingers

as they stretched as far as possible to touch him.

I needed to touch him.

I needed him to touch me.

But those beside him smiled louder than I cried.

The lights ahead of him shone brighter than my star.

And his hand could no longer reach my heart.