What happened?

Did I not tell you I was broken?

Did I not squirm from discomfort?

Did I not scream when I was silent?

Did you not listen when I flinched?

Did you not see that I was hiding?

Did you not notice how I watched?

I took my time to let you in.

I was too quick to forgive.

I should have walked because it wasn't okay.

You should have respected me more.

You knew I wouldn't leave

And you knew it wasn't right.

We could have been great

We should have been a lifetime

We were going to be everything and more.

You said I was yours.

I thought you were mine.

I was ready to grow with you.

You stood on your ground.

You swayed but stayed put.

When I begged you to stand with me.

I expect much more.

You let me down.

And then you asked me to leave.