Until the Time is Right (06/26/01)
by Kiora

I've gotten used to hiding
Behind this mask I wear
No one seems to notice
Nor do they seem to care

It feels as if I'm dying
Beneath this plastic grin
For inside, a war is raging
Between the thoughts that hide within

Sometimes I wish they'd see
Or wonder what lies inside
Why won't she ever speak?
Is it just her childish pride?

But I always catch myself
Wishing for such foolish things
I clear my mind, but still I see
A day where pigs can fly with wings

I urge myself to speak
Say the things I've held too long
But even so I bite my tongue
And insist the time is wrong

So still I have to wait
There's no use in trying to fight
This is what I am
Until the time is right