Chapter One

Chaotic Good

She stares off into the distance, her mind wondering as her senses dulled. Shanon Williams was vaguely aware of her surroundings, of the teacher speaking at the front of the classroom. Aware of her pencil twirling in between her fingers, aware of her foot tapping. She wasn't, though, aware of the green eyes staring at here from behind, or the vague echo of overlapping voices in her head. She wasn't aware of these voices, that they weren't her own, nor were they even her thoughts.

She's vaguely aware of most, but also unaware of some. She hears the chuckle coming from behind her, but she doesn't react to it like she usually would. When she feels taps on her back, though, she jerks alert, and turns to look at the irritable dick, Perri Wilson, behind her.

The forest green eyed man smirks, and he quirks up the arch of his brow, finding Shanon's annoyed glare adorable. He points forward with the end of his pencil, his eyes scanning her face as she twirls away to look forward.

She notices the teacher staring at her, his expression unamused, "Have you other things to be focused on, Ms. Shanon?" The teacher asks, and Shanon flushes, resisting from hitting Perri when she hears him snicker behind her.

Shaking her head, she says, "No, sir." The teacher brow raises up condescendingly, "Are you sure? I can send you to your AP if you do."

Shanon again shakes her head, "No, no. I'm good, Sir, I promise." She says, sighing.

The teacher sighs, and rolls his eyes at the same time, "Good. Last we need it for you to fail my class again like you did last semester." Shanon flushes in humiliation as the class laughs at her. She feels humiliated, looking down at her desk until the class settles down, and for the teacher to resume talking. That was when she whirls around to give Perri a mean glare.

"Why the hell did you laugh? You're failing too." She accuses, and Perri smirks wide, clearly thoroughly amused with her.

"Please don't use my kingdom in vain, Highness." He smirks, using that cursed nickname he had given her seven months ago, on his first day at her school.

She hits his arm hard, the dick not even wincing when she does, "You're a shit ruler, then." She insults, and Perri looks falsely wounded for a moment, "Ouch, Highness. Maybe next time you should focus in class instead of daydreaming about you and I in bed together. And, by the way," He says, smirking at her as he winks cheekily, "I'm passing this class. Government isn't exactly hard."

She glares at him angrily, wondering why in Gods green Earth did he ever even believe she'd think of that.

"You know what," She starts, pointing a dark blue finger at him, and he chuckles, "What?" He asks, smirking.

She glares, "Screw you." He laughs, his brow raise together, and he leans forward into the same breathing space, "Tell me when and where, Highness." He says, his green eyes on Shanon's dark red lips, and she glares at him.

"Fuc-" The bell covers her dirty word, and Perri pulls back, laughing as he stands up, "Very lady like, Highness." He says, cheekily, before leaving the room with a wink.

Shanon glares at Perri's back, wishing he could punch him, or kick him in the junk. Or throw her desk at him. She looks towards the teacher, mere seconds before he called her name. "Shanon, I don't need to remind you that you have to pass my class, or you will not graduate." He says, and Shanon sighs.

"I know, I'm sorry." She says, and the teacher rubs the passage of his nose, "Why not fix the problem then? A simple 'I'm sorry', doesn't..." his voice trails off as she slips into another day dream. She swore for a moment she could hear what he's thinking, and yet, she also couldn't. It's like she was hearing him though thick glass, or water, able to hear his voice yet unable to make out a single word...

"Shanon?" She hears, breaking from her day dream, and she nods slowly as her head starts to ache. The teacher sighs, massaging his nose again as he knows Shanon hadn't heard a single word she said, "Get to class, Shanon. I would hate for you to fail that class too."

Shanon had to bite her tongue from admitting that she wasn't failing any other class but his, nor was she planning to going to fail his class. Instead she nods, and grabs her bag. She chooses then that she wasn't going to her next class, walking out of the classroom as she texts Taylor and Daniel to meet her on the front lawn.

Walking up to her friends as they sit, she drops her bag onto the ground with a sigh. Daniel looks at her, looking concerned, "Perri, or Mr. Howl?"

She slowly sits on the ground, sighing, "Both." She says, laying on the grass.

Taylor smiles, looking at Shanon kindly, "Well, I know Perri does it cause he likes you. Mr. Howl just hates everyone."

Shanon sighs as she rolls her eyes, "I both doubt and don't doubt that. Perri may like me, but being an ass is no way to get me to like him. Dicks are dicks whether or not they're cute. As for Mr. Howl, I think he just hates me."

Daniel laughs, agreeing with her as he lifts Shanon's hair, gently braiding it, "All boys are dicks." Shanon glances up at Daniel, smiling, "Not you, babe. You're a cutie pie."

Daniel smiles sweetly, "I'm a gentleman, but regardless, I'm still a dick at times. My granny tried to raise me right, though."

Shanon laughs at the happy sute grin on Daniel's young face, "Yes, she did. Ten out of ten best mate, one I'd totally date if we weren't BFFs."

Daniel smiles awkwardly, and Taylor stretches out her long legs, smiling, "You've got to admit, Shay, Perri is good looking."

Sighing again at the mention of the man who lives for her torment. Shanon shakes her head, "No. He looks like a pig."

Taylor laughs, "Pigs are cute, though Perri is no Brett Tanner, but, he's hot."

Daniel's expression of awkwardness fading, Daniel looks at Taylor curiously, "What am I, Tay?" Shanon smiles as Taylor grins playfully. "Short, Dan-Dan. You're very short."

Daniels cute, curious expression turns pouty, and Shanon whacks Taylor's leg in retaliation for Daniel. She looks at him as he drops the completed braid, taking his face in her hands. "You're adorable, Danny. Ten outta ten would cuddle."

Daniel smiles faintly, pulling away from Shanon's hands as he rubs his neck, "My grandma says I'm cute... I was hoping you'd say something like handsome or hot, or... At least something manly."

She sits up and smiles at him kindly, "You are totally hot when you wear those British looking suits. You can out do Tom Hiddleston in both cuteness and sexiness." She says, giving him a chaste, one-second kiss to his lips.

He beams happily, getting excited, "I out do the trickster god himself! Take that, Loki!" He says, and Shanon, with Taylor, laughs happily.

Taylor calms first, and she nods, "Yes, exactly! Suck it, Loki! We have a new sexy slytherin king!" Everyone laughs again, and Shanon watches as Daniel falls backwards onto the ground, holding his stomach as he laughs. For a brief moment, she has a blissful relief from her aching head and tiredness, before both come crashing down on her. Along with the mulled voices of Taylor and Daniel in the back of her head, their voices making her head hurt more.

She snaps out of her day dream just as Daniel sits up, wiping his eyes, "Whew... That's funny."

Shanon smiles faintly, nodding, "Yeah..." Taylor and Daniel look a her, both sets worried, "Are you okay?" Daniel asks worriedly, touching Shanon's head softly.

Shanon pushes away his hand gently, "I'm fine, just... Thinking about my birthday." She lies, and her friends brighten at that.

"We are so taking you shopping and to get you all done up for your party!" Daniel says excitedly, grinning as he loves watching hair being styled and done, mostly to give himself ideas on how to do hair.

Shanon smiles at him softly, playfully rolling her eyes, "We are so not. I already have an outfit for my birthday, and an idea on how I'm doing my hair. Not to mention, I hate spas."

Taylor smiles, and she takes the braid Daniel did in her hands, "We can dye your hair, then. Highlights, or lowlights, those would be amazing in your hair."

Shanon turns to look at her, "What you do to my hair, we do to yours." She watches as Taylor's eyes go wide, and Taylor shakes her head wildly, "Yeah, no. My dad would kill me."

Shanon smiles triumptedly, as Daniel runs his fingers through Taylor's hair lovingly, "Your hair is pretty just the way it is."

Shanon smiles, watching as Daniel quietly plaits Taylor's hair. She often compares herself to her friends, mostly because she enjoys the differences that they all exhibit. For example, Shanon is the only pale blonde in their group, and one of the only pale blondes in her school. The school is well diverse, but, it was overruled by people with black and brown hair, leaving her and a few redheads easily noticeable.

Taylor and Daniel are like the majority: thick black or brown hair. Taylor has beautiful naturally thick black-brown hair, long enough to hang over her shoulders and frame her beautiful Puerto Rican cheek bones. Daniel, on the other hand, has short, wild hair that can go from curly one day, straight the next day. It's one of the reason's Daniel says his hair is bi.

Shanon smiles, standing up with her bag, "I'm gonna bounce." She announces, and her friends whine.

"Do you have to?" Daniel whines, hugging Shanon's leg in attempt to keep her there.

"Yeah, do you?" Taylor ask, hugging Shanon's other leg, causing Daniel to look at Taylor, his look possessive. Taylor sticks her tongue at him, laughing.

Shanon laughs some as she steps back, dislodging her friends from her legs, "Yeah, I do. I want to get off school grounds before Mrs. Wright catches me skipping again. We can group call tonight though, to talk about what we're not doing for my birthday or my party." She says, and Taylor smiles. "We're still going to do something to your hair."

Shanon rolls her eyes as she turns and heads for her car, "Not happening!" Shanon calls, looking back long enough to watch her friends get up, both laughing as they head inside.

She smiles, and opens her door, before an arm blocks her opening. Following that arm, she sighs as she manages to look completely unamused, "What do you want, Perri?"

Perri raises a brow as he smirks some, "At the moment? You." He says, and Shanon feels all the energy leave her, sighing, "I am not in the mood for your bullshit, Peregrine. Just step aside and leave me be."

Perri's brow arches up more, "Peregrine? Wow, the full first name. You must really be out of it. What's wrong, Highness? Headache? Cramps? That time of the month?"

Shanon doesn't even have the energy to fight with him, and she sighs, "Hey, dipshit, you wanna know what girls think when guys say moody girls are on their period?"

Perri drops the smirk, knowing Shanon only calls him names when she's tired. Or in severe need of alone time. He raises both his brows this time, "Sure, shoot."

Shanon sighs and she looks at Perri bitterly, "They think that boy needs a swift kick in the balls, so, unless you want to be in the fettle position, I recommend you get lost."

Perri stares at her, willing himself not to say anything in retaliation because he doesn't doubt she wouldn't do it. "Fine." He says, pulling away, "I should get back to class anyway. Not all of us are bad students." He accuses, going around her and heading towards the school.

Shanon sighs and she gets in her car, setting her head against the stirring wheel for a moment, before pulling away and sighing. A wave of tiredness has washed over her, and the quietness of her care did nothing to help her stay awake.

She doesn't mind the silence, as she sometimes preferred it. It's a place where she can think, take time to unwind and relax. She loves Taylor and Daniel, but, their extroverted personalities sometimes washed her out. Lately, though, Shanon could almost feel Taylor and Daniel pulling back. Not physically, but... Emotionally. As if they were trying to prepare themselves for something, holding their breath for only sometime they knew.

She doesn't know if she's crazy for thinking that, or dead on, but, at the moment, she just wants to get some sleep in her bed. She sighs as she enters her apartment complex, the idea of sleep taking over her mind more and more. Parking next to her fathers rundown car, she undoes her seatbelt, grabs her bag, and gets out.

Her father works hard and long hours for chump change. It was a miracle they could even afford the apartment, what with her father being an only parent, paying for his daughter, himself, and a house. They're probably only able to afford it because her father has become very friendly with the landlady.

Slowly, sluggishly heading upstairs and into their house, she spots her father on the couch, fast asleep.

Dropping her bag by her bedroom door, she moves over to the couch, and covers him up with a blanket, kissing his head.

Returning to her room, she pushes open the door, and goes straight for her bed, not even kicking off her shoes. Her room is tidy, aside from the cluttered desk, unmade bed, and photo covered pin board.

She used to spend nights just staring at that pin board, reminiscing at all the memories those photos captured. Many of the photos of her and her parents, when her mother was alive. A few were nature photos Shanon took herself, some of her in her prom dress that her father worked nights to pay for. Her favorite photo though, was of her and her parents, Ariella and Erikson, together, standing on the river walk in San Antonio.

The photo was her, sun-flushed, in her mothers arm, and her parents holding hands, everyone but Shanon smiling. She was just a toddler then, and the near tears expression almost always made Shanon laugh at herself bitterly.

Her mother passed when she was twelve, from a brain aneurysm. The photos of Shanon with her mother when she was young hurt to see most of the time, since Shanon was a rather fussy child that never liked photos. In fact, Shanon swears that as a child, that cameras scared her, since in nearly every instance a camera was brought out, she'd cry during the photo.

Her mother though was worthy of the photos, as she was very beautiful. Her father though... He was no Channing Tatum, but, he isn't below average. She knows for a fact she looks more like her father, and she has her mothers heather grey eyes. She often wishes her mother was alive, so then when Shanon looked in the mirror, she wouldn't ache when she sees her own grey eyes staring back at her. There was nothing she missed more than her bedtime tuck-in's, and forehead kisses.

She missed a lot about her mother, some her father could never fill no matter what he tries. Something about losing a parents touch can really affect a child, and it's even worse when one knows they can't ever have it back. Ceil Phantomhive's quote of, "I'm afraid when something is truly lost, one can never get it back again," comes to Shanon's mind when she thinks of her mother.

Her father seemed to understand that, but, despite it, he still tries all he can to be there for Shanon. He's a good dad, not perfect, but, good. He works far too much, in Shanon's opinion, and is a bit too quick to move on from her mother. Their love story was one she described as Ariel and Eric, mostly due to her parents name. Ariella had once told Shanon the story, and it was quick a funny one, in Shanon's mind.

It was a late night and her mother was working at the local Kroger. Up comes Shanon's knuckleheaded father, arm full of bottle rockets and a plan on setting them off on the principals lawn. And what did Shanon's mother do? She asked to join him. At the time, Ariella was a senior, and Erickson was a sophomore. They had fallen in love in the midst of running from the cops, after the principal called the police. They dated through college, got married three months after Erickson graduated.

Five years later, little Shanon was born, and then, twelve years later, Ariella died of a stroke. At the age of forty three. A year later, Shanon and her father moved from Burnet, Texas, to Arlington, Texas. That was where she met Taylor and Daniel in middle school.

Laying down on her bed, she sleepily stared at those photos, thinking about how quickly she believes her father got over her mother.

A knock comes from her door, and Shanon lets out a whine quietly. The door slowly opens, her father covering his eyes with his left hand, "Free to enter?" He asks, sounding tired himself, and Shanon sits up, smiling faintly, "Yeah, dad."

Erickson uncovers his face, and he enters slowly, sitting in her desk chair, "Did you just get home?"

She nods her head, and he smiles softly, "Have you eaten? Pamela made a casserole. It's shepards pie." She smiles faintly, stifling a yawn, "I ate earlier. Thank you, though."

He smiles and nods slowly, moving to sit next to her, "Tired, pumpkin?" He asks, rubbing her back with his hands.

She lets him, nodding, "Yeah, I've had a headache since Mr. Howl's class."

Erikson smiles, "Don't you have one more class to be in?" Shanon smiles some, as she knows nothing ever gets passed her father, "Yeah, but I'm skipping."

Erikson laughs some, "Okay, but, you better have your assignments done for that class. Alright?"

She nods, smiling, "Okay." He smiles and he drops his hands from her back, looking at her intently, "Are you excited about being eighteen soon?"

Shanon laughs some, "Taylor and Daniel sure are." Erikson laughs some at the mention of his daughters best friends, "I'm sure they are. What crazy ideas do they have in mind for you?"

Shanon smiles some at the like energies of her father, "They want to highlight my hair."

Erikson smiles some, "If you want to, then you can. Just no crazy colors. Don't do as your mother did and dye her hair red. Your hair will grow back to be my plain brown hair." He says, playfully swishing the mouse brown hair atop his head.

Shanon smiles faintly and she nods, "Okay, okay." She says, despite not minding her fathers brown hair. Sometimes she wishes her had his hair, since it'd make her stand out a lot less in her school.

Erikson blinks, before he smiles and gently cards his hair through her hair, undoing Daniel's braid, "You have beautiful hair, pumpkin. I remember when you were little, we'd go to the store, and someone would stop to say how pretty it is. Remember that?" He asks, and Shanon smiles at the memory.

"I do. They'd say they've never seen pale thin wavy blonde hair like mine." She says, smiling faintly at the memory.

Erikson nods, aware of the sad yet reminiscing expression on his daughters face, "Exactly. Your hair is gorgeous, like your mothers. You have her hair." He says, kissing her head. "Don't ever forget it." He says, standing up, and exiting after wishing her sweet dreams.

She stays sitting up as something in her says her father is getting the casserole out of the fridge, and when she hears the old fridge door squeak open, she knows she's right.

Sighing, she kicks off her shoes, reaches over to her lamp, and she kicks it off, before laying down on the bed. She takes a slow breath, before the tiredness she's been feeling settles on her, and she falls asleep.