Sagittarius opens her eyes, blinking to try to get the blurriness to clear up. I must have been drugged...shit...
The room surrounding her is dark, but Sagittarius' eyes have adjusted to see that it is made of stone, nothing in the room except her and a metal table and chairs, whatever those were for. The room has no windows, indicating that it's a basement. The only lights that she can see are faint, coming from sconces on the opposite wall.
In the next few minutes as her senses come back, Sagittarius notices that her arms are chained so that they are above her head, and she feels the stone wall against her back. Okay, so I've been captured. Even better.
The door to the room suddenly slams open, and Sagittarius immediately pretends to still be asleep. She hears footsteps, multiple voices, several that are unfamiliar, and...Taurus?
"Geez, you're squirmy. Settle down, you're not getting away anytime soon."
"Let me go! You can't do this to me! My sister's gonna kick all your asses!"
"Not if we kick her ass first. Now shut up and sit still."
Sagittarius hears the sound of chains on both sides of her, mixed with Taurus' complaints, until there is a sharp smack, and Taurus goes quiet. "Finally," she hears one of the unfamiliar voices mutter. The sound of footsteps approach, and Sagittarius feels her chin being lifted up. "Hey, this one is still asleep. You think we gave her too big a dose?"
"Who cares. Whether she wakes up or not, we got her friends here, one loss isn't a huge deal."
What the hell are they planning to do with us?
"I guess." Sagittarius' chin is released, and she lets her head fall. Footsteps recede, and the door is shut. Sagittarius waits a few moments before opening her eyes again.
"Is everyone alright?" Cancer's voice echoes a bit through the empty basement. A chorus of agreements comes: Libra's, Taurus's, Leo's, and Aquarius's. Sagittarius adds hers to it.
"Oh, Sage, you're awake?" Libra asks.
"Yep, I just didn't want them to notice. I didn't want to attract their attention. Why are you guys all here? What happened?"
A moment of silence passes before Leo asks, "Well, who wants to tell her?"
Cancer offers and explains the whole story to Sagittarius, including who the strange aliens are. Once he's finished, Sagittarius sighs. "Well, that's quite the...problem. What're we gonna do about all this? We can't just let this happen. If our hosts' memories are wiped, it might be so bad that we'll have to start the introduction process all over again. That'll set us back on our plan to return to Earth."
"Yeah, we're well aware," Taurus snaps, prompting a "Taurus, please," from Libra.
"Has anyone tried to break their chains yet?" Aquarius asks. "Because I just tried manipulating the air pressure to break them, and I can't."
"What do you mean you can't?" Libra asks, a startled and concerned tone to her voice.
"What do you think I mean? The chains are too strong to be broken with air pressure! Either that, or someone knows too much about us and made these chains resistant to our magic types."
"Well, there's only one way to find out..." Sagittarius mutters.
One by one, each Sign tries and fails to use their magic to break their chains. "Shit," Taurus swears, "how the hell are we getting out of this?" Unless..."Hang on, I have an idea."
Taurus puts his hand on the stone wall next to the place where the chain met the wall. A rumble sounds, and then the stone shatters, freeing one of Taurus' chains from the wall. "Perfect! They didn't think that far ahead, heh. The sound might alert them though, so let's get this over with quick."
Taurus quickly frees the rest of the group, and Leo takes the lead, peeking carefully into the corridor, where, of course, there are patrols and guards. To get rid of them, Leo forms a fire bomb and throws it into the corridor. As it explodes, the corridor quickly fills with flames, forcing the guards and patrols to evacuate. After they're all gone, Leo extinguishes the flames, and the group of Signs split up in pairs to find the cell or cells where their friends are being held.