The microscopic view of gravel paints a very pretty picture, if you only think about it. The grey black cement grinding under the bicycle tyres turns yellow and red and green, coils and springs and discs and a hundred million bacteria. Its like riding a rainbow.

A blink and its the inside of the Biology labs. It's second period already. Images clash together, paintings of anatomy, the ultraviolet laser of a projector, spectacles of the teacher reflecting two dozen pairs of eyes. The scalpel in his hand glazed with red shiny blood. Microscopically, none of the cells are alive, deteriorating further, a million times a second. The DNA translates that it belonged to a cat. Its been dead for over two weeks.

A stare, sixth sense makes it obvious. New boy. Two very electric blue eyes.

Brain goes into focus again, half an hour later. I can tell by the wall clock in the center of the cafeteria. Neon lights reflect on the floor. The same electric blue. Dots connect.

I blacked out again.

Black buttons stare back at me. How long have I been holding this? Art class now. Did I make this? Fabric doily with thin yellow braids and a pale white dressing gown. There's a needle in my hand, piercing lace at the hem. My hand.. Two black buttons stare back at me.

The bell rings for thirty seconds. It will keep ringing for ten more minutes inside my head. Its better this way. I can watch the sky turn purple. Precious assortment of pictures. I could sell these. I'll keep a minute for myself though.