When she arrived she was wearing a skin tight body suit, blue, it hugged her buxom figure tight leaving little to the imagination. She sauntered over to Reynaldos table, her hips swaying.

"Hey there Rey, well, well, don't you look like a pile—" She said

"Save it" Reynaldo clipped her short. "Sit, c'mon have a drink with me. The microbrews here are top notch.".

She took a seat. Reynaldo passed his pen for her to take a hit, she took a deep lungful and handed it back.

"Taste good." she said.

"Strawberry OG." Reynaldo replied

A brew appeared in front of her and they began to chat about his near death experience at the hands of his would be assassin.

"So what do you think?" Reynaldo asked

"It seems like you've made yourself some enemies." Mara replied. "Piss anybody off lately?"

Aster a few more they both felt loose, the pain from Reynaldo's ribs subsided. They left the bar arm in arm. It was dark outside but no more snow. They briskly walked to Mara's place. Reynaldo didn't want to go back to his place just yet, he didn't know if they would be waiting for him there.