When he got to the bridge it was erupting in flames, people ran about in bedlam, running from the bridge carrying everything they could hold. He Saw a young Shadow Waster he recognized running up to him in a panic.

"Hey Reynaldo, your girl Mara is on that bridge"

Rey sprung into action, running toward the towering inferno with leopard like speed. He accessed a ladder and began climbing not thinking of the flames licking the steel or the screams of other Shadow Wasters. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the fire brigades arrive, late as usual, they began to set up their water tanker and then began to hose down the bridge.

HE found mara not far from the ladder he was scaling, he took her in his arms and ran down a ramp that wasn't yet engulfed in flames, it seems like she had breathed in a lot of smoke. As he exited the bridge he could see her lips moving, a good sign. He dropped her on the grass and pulled some water out from his bag and began to give her some. She choked up the water and then opened her eyes, blinking she said, "Is that you Rey? I knew you'd come for me."

By the time he got her standing the fire was near being put out. A couple of shadow wasters gathered around both of them, one of them patting Reynaldos back. "You're a real hero man" the shadow waster said. Rey wondered what the shadow wasters would do with out their home. He learned from Mara that the fire was intentionally set by some of Big Times boys as a way fo eliminating their competition. A lot of them perished in the fire, the rest were gearing up for war with Big Time. In 24 hours the city would be bathed in blood.