It's the ease of being asleep on a Sunday afternoon. The fan lightly circulating the air around you. The blankets resting just right on your body. The bed feeling just right underneath you. You are at a peaceful sleep. Everything is calm in your apartment. The windows are open in the living room and the sunlight creeping through to your bedroom. You slowly wake up when you hear them coming in the front door. The turn of their key signaling the start of a great evening.

You get out of bed and meet them in the hallway. Without saying a word, you wrap your arms around them and pull them in tight. They pull you into them and nestle their face into your neck. You can speak to each other without words. You've never had that with anyone else. You make your way into the bedroom. You find yourselves naked and under the sheets. Neither has yet to say a word. Finally, after being with each other, you watch the sunset behind the curtain and they lean over and say 'hello'. You smile and reply with a 'how are you?'