The five friends had known each other since kindergarten. They always met up with each other and faced each problem head on. Mae was the girly girl, always wanting to do makeover and give fashion advice. Beatrix, better known as Bea, was a sweetheart with dark secrets only a few people knew. She had only told two people in the group, Chloe and Ava. Chloe was always the trouble maker. She got the most detentions and was almost always grounded. Ava was fixated on astrology. Only wanting to read everyones horoscopes or tell them how compatible they were with their crush or boyfriend, based on their star signs. Then came Elaina. She was the loudest and always the show stopper. She had to be the center of attention, even in first grade, during snack time when a boy was telling about his new Dalmatian, a two year old rescue. She just had to tell everyone in the middle of his story that her dog just had four new puppies.

While these girls have all different personalities, they surpisingly had a lot in common. They all had an annoying younger sibling, they all enjoyed Harry Potter, and had all liked the same collage football team. This is the same collage that they all ended up attending together. They never wanted to be separated and they weren't. Until their trip to Los Vegas for Chloe's birthday. That trip changed their relationship entirely.