Chloe 1

I think most people can relate when I say that an alarm clock is not the most pleasant sound to wake up to. But, you know whats worse? One of your friends screaming in you ear while another is pouring ice water on you.

Yelling I jump to of my bed. As my eyes adjust to the bright light streaming through my window, I look around to see if I can make out any of the figures crowding around me. Then one of them screams "happy birthday" and I immediately know who it is. So I scream "Well, it would be if…" I turn around to face Mae, the one who poured the water. "I weren't so rudely awoken." Mae holds up a towel smiling apologetically. I gladly take it.

"Well, Little Miss Grumpy Pants, it's already ten, and we need to get going for the day. We have a lot of stuff to do." Bea says. "Including," she holds up a suitcase. "Vegas, no need to worry though, Mae took the liberty of packing for you." She says smiling. I groan. Out the group Mae is the most girly, so she probably packed the worst clothes.

"Yeah, if I were you, grab a few different shirts and a pair of jeans." Another voice says. She walks in front of me smiling. I Notice its Ava. I feel a pair of hands dragging me towards my closet. I look behind me and see Elaina dragging me to where Bea is now standing holding an outfit.

"Put this on, brush your hair, then meet us in the living room." She tells me. As I do as I am told I look around my small claustrophobic room, the gray walls making it seem dim, even with the light from the near by window. My eyes land on the full length mirror. Once I see it I nearly scream. My hair is everywhere, such a bad case of bedhead. I decide it would be a great idea to take Bea's suggestion and begin trying to fix my rats nest. My blonde hair going everywhere, so I reluctantly pull it into a ponytail.

I walk to the living room and see Mae standing next to a chair with two shoe box sized makeup cases. "Please no." I say stopping in the hall.

"Please yes?" She says, her green eyes pleading.

"Fine, only if you don't do too much, AKA contour, highlight, and bright lipstick." I tell her.

"Great." She says, her silver hair swishing as she walked towards me. "You won't regret this."

"Oh, but I will." I mumble. She smiles taking my arm and dragging me to where she has pulled out a chair. Ava stands next to her handing her all the makeup she asks for. Ava's brown eyes seem to be searing into me as she watches. She tucks back a few strands of her auburn hair, and hands Mae a gold eyeshadow set.

Bea looks at me. "This will make your eyes pop."

Well, she wasn't wrong. The gold really brought to my brown eyes. I look at the rest of damage, and notice my cheek bones have more definition to them, and my lips have gone from a light pink to a bright coral orange. Sighing I turn around to face Bea. "I said no contour, and no bright lipstick."

"I know, but I couldn't help myself." She responds. "Besides, you look beautiful." I look in the mirror again, trying to prove her wrong, but, she's write. Elaina comes behind me, and starts to mess with my hair.

"I wish my hair was this long and pretty." She says while making a small braid. Though, her black hair was pretty it was no where near as long as mine. Hers was cut to just longer than a bob, mine was waist length and looked like I hadn't cut it in years. Elaina continued to mess with my hair. Then revealed a gorgeous hair style. It was so twisty and bendy, with braids running along my hairline forming something like a crown. I turn around smiling at her. Her hazel eyes gleaming with pride.

"Okay, now," Mae says walking up to me, "go grab that suitcase, put it in my car. We go eat lunch and then head to the airport." She handed me my purse. "I'm parked just outside." I glanced at my watch. It read eleven-thirty. It took an hour and a half!

After lunch we headed off to the airport.

"What are we doing in Vegas?" I asked.

"Can't say, though I think you will like it."

"That doesn't give me much insight."


We get to the airport. I sigh, knowing how annoying the next few hours will be. I am so thankful when we finally land. We are in Vegas.