It was raining heavily by the time Goro Nakamura came home. As usual, it was empty because his wife was in a vacation and his son abroad for a school trip. Arriving to the living room, Goro was surprised to see a stranger sitting in the couch. An old man by the looks of it and was wearing a cloak embroidered with strange patterns.

- Who are you? Get away from my house you thief! Goro said to the stranger.

A mild chuckle could be heard from the stranger as he sat up.

- A thief? Boy, I mean no harm to you. The stranger said, his voice deep and gravelly.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- Consider this as your lucky day. Rest assured, everything will be explained to you as long as you let me.

Goro wondered about the old man's words. True, he did appear harmless but was there any way to be sure?

- Alright, I'm all ears.

- Good. Now listen well boy, for what I'm about to reveal to you is extremely top secret. Never meant to be revealed 'outside the circle' as it were.

Goro had shivers as he said those words.

- I assume you have some knowledge about the Three Treasures of the Emperor, yes? They are actually more important than you might think. Still listening, are you?

Goro nodded at this.

- Now, these Three Treasures are actually parts of a Seal keeping the essence of Yamata-no-Orochi, the ancient beast that terrorized ancient Japan, out of this realm. To keep any unsavoury individuals and organizations from using these items to break the Seal, the Protectors were formed to keep the Treasures safe at all costs. We have seen much potential in you, Goro-san. You just might have what it takes to join our ranks. The stranger explained.

- Are you sure about that? I mean, I'm just a simple office worker, not a fighter. I could be torn to shreds!

- Ah, but it's the spirit that counts. Aren't you the sort of type that would go to the ends of the earth just to get your loved one back? I'm sure you will understand once you've been to the Citadel.

The stranger reached to his cloak and gave Goro a token.

- What I am supposed to do with this trinket? Goro asked.

- Consider it as a means by which you can enter the Citadel. Go to the Shinjuku Station, South-East Entrance. Insert the token into a ticket machine just like you would with any other coin. A ticket will then appear which lets you board the train heading for the Citadel. You'll know when you find it. May the Goddess give you her grace.

At these words, all the lights in the living room went out. When they turned back on a while later, the stranger was gone, leaving Goro alone still holding onto the token. Wondering if it was all a dream or not, Goro put the token into his pocket and decided to get something to eat.