Chapter 1 Déjà Vu

The new dawn is about to break, and I realize I don't want the night to end. I want to stay with my dark protector, whom I love, and who has to live forever in the darkness.

Just east of the lake, the water is aglow as a golden streak that streams across the water from the cracks of the trees.

I look up at my protector, and meet his gaze. His expression does not change; it remains soft. His russet brown hair gently blows in the morning breeze, revealing his beautiful sapphire blue eyes. A blue that puts the lake before us, to shame.

I inhale heavily, knowing we will soon say our goodbyes and part ways.

I gently look away, trying to hide my disappointment. The mist atop the lake is warning us that the dawn is almost over. It moves along the surface of the water, moving in an upward motion toward the sunlight.

"It's alright Amy." I feel his cool gentle hands on my cheek, catching one of the tears that escaped, "You will see me again."

I use the sleeve of my sweater to wipe away the embarrassing water streaks that made my eyes sting, and look back at him.

He smiles.

I sniff "How soon?" My voice is barely a whisper as I choke back more tears. I don't know why I'm so upset.

He presses his lips to my forehead and pulls me closer to him. He leans down and whispers in my ear, "A lot sooner than you think." His cool breath clings to my skin and relaxes me. I can't help but believe him, and look into his eyes again for reassurance then quickly look away again blushing.

My heart skips a beat, and he tilts my chin up to face him. His eyes sparkle and his smile lights up his face. He almost looks like he is glowing in the dim morning light, but he can't stay. I'll lose him forever if he does.

I can't help it; I quickly lock my arms around his neck, and crush my lips with his.

He isn't surprised at all. He pulls me against him, and I tangle my fingers in his hair. He is gentle with me, and I knew he wants me as much as I want him. I don't want him to leave. Why can't he find a way to stay? There has to be something that can be done.

His lips are cool, yet soft, against mine. I whimper at the thought of our parting, as more tears of sadness escape down my cheek unconsciously.

I don't want to stop kissing him so I push myself against him. He pushes me away, his hands still on my shoulders. I see the pain in his eyes. This is hard for him too. He doesn't want to leave.

"I must go, now." He whispers, and I feel goose bumps forming at his words. Why now? No, not yet!

He places my arms at my side, and turns to leave. My eyes meet the ground and my face is buried by my hair. I feel a wave of sadness take over, and I look to see that he is at the stairs where the dock ends. He doesn't look at me, and continues slowly up the stairs. He is on the fifth or sixth step and I run to him. I'm acting on selfish impulse, and grab his hand. He turns to look at me.

"Wait!" I gasp, "Can I know your name?" As the words come from my mouth, I wonder why I don't know this. How can I not know his name? We are meant for each other.

He smiles again, and faces me in full, still holding my hand.

"Of course, my name is…" Beep!

What is that sound? Beep!

Again? What is that sound keeping me from hearing his name?

I look at him again, and he doesn't seem to notice the noise. He is just smiling. Beep!

A wave of horror hits me like high tide on a cliff side, as I realize what the sound is coming from. Beep!

No! Anything but that!

"NO!" I yell, my voice all raspy, and my eyes flutter open as I say the words out loud for the first time in eight hours. Beep!

The overcast morning peaks through my blinds that are on my left. They are already open, but I don't remember leaving them open last night.

"Uh!" I moan as I bury my face in my feather pillow, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Damn alarm clock, ruined my dream!" I turn to my nightstand and shut my phone off. That is the best dream I have had in years.

"What dream?" A familiar voice says from my door way. I sit up and see my older brother Michael standing there. His tangled brown hair is styled in an almost foe hawk. This is a new look for him. His chocolate brown eyes look like he hasn't slept, and the purple circles surrounding his eyes are evidence enough.

Michael doesn't live with here anymore; he is at the University of Toronto staying in the dorms. He's studying to be an engineer, and has been at the University for two years already.

I frown slightly, "What are you doing here?" Not that I'm not happy to see Michael, I just didn't expect him to be the one to greet me this morning. He didn't tell me he was coming to visit.

"I wanted to visit my kid sister on her last first day of high school." He grins.

"Humph." I grunt, folding my arms across my chest. I almost stick my tongue out at him, but I figure we're past that stage of our relationship as siblings.

Michael sits down at the edge of my bed, "What's wrong?" His smile disappears "You still treat me like I'm some little kid that needs to be babied." I sigh.

"You know I'm going to treat you like that for the rest of your life." He laughs, "You're my kid sister, and you always will be. I will torment you with babying until the day you die." He half-jokes. I can tell this is a promise he is going to keep.

"MIKE!" I hear dad's voice call from downstairs. My dad is a Doctor. He works at Scarborough General. It's quite the handful, especially since he is the main Doctor at the ER and is on-call all the time.

"Coming!" Michael replies and he gets up and leaves the room.

I throw the covers off of me and get up. My stereo on my dresser was due for its morning workout, so I turn it on. The first track on the CD starts that I realize it's my best friend Amber's CD that she let me borrow. I try my best to move to the rhythm of the first song, but it was hard to keep in momentum with the drums and the guitar. This is more like a jumping up and down kind of band.

I have to straighten my hair; it had gotten all frizzy overnight. I naturally have flat hair, but whenever I sleep soundly I tend to mess it up overnight. Eyeliner doesn't seem like such a bad idea either. I grab my make up bag from the bathroom. I decide that brown is a subtle enough color. I don't like to look like a Barbie Doll. A natural look is more my style. I still want to look my best on the last first day of high school.

This year is sure to be my craziest ever, and I feel it in the pit of my stomach. Or maybe that's my lack of breakfast.

I grin as I realize that I have everything I wanted by the time I was in my final year of high school. I have a University in mind that has already accepted me, and a career already pending. I also have a boyfriend named Alex; I can't wait to see what classes I have with him this year. We've been together for almost a year.

My best friend Amber is convinced that he's going to propose to me after graduation. I don't know what I will do if he does. I have goals I want to achieve before settling down.

I file through my thoughts of how my dreams over the summer predicted how the school year would be, and I can't find one that really fits. Most of them were dreams of feeling unprepared or getting lost finding my classes, even though I have been at the same school for three years already. I think of my dream I just had. I remember my dark protector who was forced to live in the darkness, and whom I loved with every fiber of my being. I'm disappointed that I didn't learn his name. Even though I know it was only a dream, it's still one that I would like to have been a complete one. It's not everyday one has a dream about having such a strong and beautiful man to protect you.

I blush. It really is a shame that it was only a dream. Maybe I will have another one soon. This is definitely a dream I can't tell Alex about. It's the first time someone else starred in my dreams as my love interest.

The sound of honking echoes from across the street.

"There's Kevin, picking up Christine for school." I say to myself.

Christine is another one of my friends. She and I used to carpool, until she started dating Kevin last year.

I don't mind. It just means I have my car all to myself, and I really like it. I could listen to my favorite music and sing the lyrics without a care in the world. Not that I'm a bad singer, I admit. I'm actually good, and I plan on putting that talent to good use this year.

I put the finishing touches on my hair and shove my brush into my tote bag. I don't like to use backpacks.

I jolt down the stairs almost tripping on the last step.

"Morning, Amy!" My dad gives me a hug and a kiss on my cheek.

"Hey dad." I smile.

"I made you some breakfast." He says, "I know it's not the best probably, but I wanted to make you breakfast on such an important day Miss Senior." He smile widens.

"Thanks dad." I grin as I wonder what he concocted for breakfast.

He picks up a dish with various amount of colors on it, and I hear Michael chuckle.

Uh oh. Is what he made embarrassing?

He sets down the dish and Michael bursts out laughing. My dad made me a fruit plate, with all the fruits shaped to look like a giant heart and little blueberries spelling out AMY. I blush, feeling like a little kid on her first day of Kindergarten again. He made me this same dish on that day several years ago. It was his way of cheering me up during a pivotal time in my childhood.

"Wow, dad thanks. It looks really good." I wonder how many girls get a breakfast like this on their first day of school.

I sit down and begin devouring the colorful meal.

I finish my plate fairly quick, and get up to clean my dish. As the water warms up, I glance at the clock on the stove. I still have plenty of time.

"In a hurry?" dad asks.

"Nope, just anxious to start the day. The first day is always a big deal. I feel like it sets up the tone for the rest of the year." I smile and grab my keys, "See you later!" I head out the door.

Once in the car, I turn my radio up and sing to the lyrics of one of my favorite songs. It's really cloudy and rainy today; how unfitting. The first day of the school should be sunny.

When I pull into the parking lot of Sir Wilfred Laurier Collegiate Institute there is one car in the student parking lot. An unfamiliar car that was shiny and fairly new looking for an older car. I glance at the back as I pull into the spot next to it. A black Nissan 300ZX, I'm not sure of the year. I wonder whose car it is.

I glance at the clock in my car. I'm more than an half an hour early!

I guess I really was anxious to get to school today.

I decide to go to the science rooms that were just on the third level of the closest building. I hope that Mr. Shauger will be there. I want to discuss being a student aide next year. University of Toronto will give college credit to anyone who volunteers as a student aide on their free days.. The entrance to the science hallway is locked. No one is here yet.

"Damn." I mutter to myself. I really want to talk to him. At least I'll see him later on in class. I begin back down the stairs. Outside the big window, rain is pouring down faster and soon water was pouring out of the gutters.

The only place that is open turns out to be the library. When I walk in Ms. Suttle recognizes me instantly, "Welcome back Amy. Hope your morning is going well."

I smile, "Couldn't wait to come back. It's good to see you."

I scan the shelves of the new arrivals, and find a book that catches my eye: Up Close Forensics.

I'm so excited. I immediately grab the book and sit down at the nearest table. I begin scanning through the pages to see if I want to check the book out.

I can hear the sound of the library doors opening and closing as the time passes.

I jump at the sound of a backpack hitting the table. I look up to see Amber, "Hey you!"

"I knew I could find you in here. Sometimes I wonder if you're going to become an assistant to the staff at school." Amber giggles.

"I would, but it won't fit into my schedule." I joke.

Amber doesn't answer me. She instantly changes the subject.

"Oh my God! This year is going to put the last three years to shame. I'm so excited that I'm in charge of yearbook and the dance committee. Our Homecoming, Winter Ball and Prom themes are going to be the best!

"We totally have to find out what classes we have together. We'll probably sit by each other since our last names are pretty close to one another. Or maybe we'll be allowed to choose our own seats now since we're seniors," she sighs, "Maybe the new guy will be in one of my classes too and—"

I cut her off, "New guy?" Wow. School hasn't started yet and word is already out about a new guy. How did she even come by this information?

"Yeah. He was in the front office getting his schedule and stuff. He is so gorgeous. You should see his hair! Oh my God! I just want to…" she stops herself before she can say anything dirty.

I chuckle a bit, "That gorgeous, eh?

Amber gasps in excitement, "Oh yes! And his eyes are so blue! I mean they look like gemstones. They literally sparkle!"

"Sparkling eyes? Are you sure that's not the caffeine tricking you?" I chuckle again.

"I'm serious. He is hot!" Amber sits down next to me and takes a deep breath.

The bell rings before Amber can continue our conversation.

I decide to check out the book and head to homeroom with Amber.

"Amy!" greets Christine, "How was your summer?" Christine looks different than she did last year. She had cut her hair and colored it. Her natural blond hair now has a hint of red streaks in it and it was layered. She had curly hair, the kind of hair I've always wanted.

We sit down in our seats.

I grin, "I worked on my application to University of Toronto most of the time. I got in! How was Florida?"

Christine smiles at me and Amber, "It was great! My dad and I went to Disney World for the first time!" Christine's parents are divorced. She decided she wanted to stay in Scarborough with her mom. She told me she didn't want to leave her friends. I remember her situation being difficult and terribly awkward during our freshman year.

Christine continues on about her summer as I look around the room.

I think I see something in the corner of my eye.

I turn, to see it's nothing. My thoughts trail off into an almost dream like state. I picture myself walking back to my car, and seeing the driver of the black Nissan Z. He's tall, with dark shaggy hair and sparkling blue eyes. I realize I'm seeing my protector from my dream. I smile and run into his arms. I'll never let him go now.

"Amy." Amber says.

I snap back into reality and turn to face her, "Pardon?"

She points in the direction of the doorway.

I look to see my boyfriend Alex holding a rose in his hand, and he has a huge smile that grows quickly across his beautiful face. His dirty blonde hair seems shorter since I last saw him; which was only yesterday. I can see his beautiful green eyes.

I feel a smile escape across my face, "Alex." I'm so happy to see him. I spent most of the summer with him. He didn't want to be apart. He even claims that he would sit in his car outside my house late at night, just to be closer to me. Romantic, I guess. Sometimes I feel weird about it, the more I think about it. Separation is healthy in any relationship, but he didn't want that.

I get up to go to Alex, but he motions for me to stay where I am. He comes to me quickly.

We kiss gently, and he hands me the rose.

"I've missed you." He whispers in my ear.

I feel goose bumps on the back of my neck and my feet arch in anticipation to kiss him again. Instead he kisses me and every part of me is now covered in goose bumps.

He quickly pulls away as the bell rings.

Mr. Morrow comes into the room, "Welcome back senior class of 2010!" he greets with a huge grin, "I have your schedules here for you. I'll hand them out now. Just sit tight. We're only in here for 5 minutes."

Mr. Morrow hands out the cards and students begin socializing again.

Alex sits down in the seat behind me. He already has his schedule.

Murmurs of joy and disappointment echo throughout the room as other students receive their schedules.

Mr. Morrow places a card on my desk.

Alex immediately leans over to see, "What did you get?"

We both look at my schedule:





Nothing too special is on my schedule this year, except for chemistry.

My eyes scan the page searching for my lunch hour: first lunch.

"Damn. I have second lunch." Alex complains.

I'm pretty bummed too. Lunch is how Alex and I got to know each other last year.

I try to better the situation, "Well what classes do you have?"

Alex hands me his schedule, and I compare, "We have English together!"

"Really!?" Alex looks at both cards, "At least we have one class together unlike last year. Still, I'm rather disappointed."

I nod in agreement, "But anything is better than nothing, eh?"

The bell rings, and we all head to our first period.

Chemistry is surely going to be my favorite class. It seems like the class was zipping by, because I look at the time and there is only a few minutes left in class.

Normally when you're going through all of your classes on the first day of school, they seem to go by really slow. Not this class. Plus, the first two days of school were always short days. Classes are only 30 minutes long.

At least Christine and I can sit by each other, because seniors were given the privilege to sit wherever in class. We just talk, until Kevin interrupts us.

Christine gives me an apologetic look. I just smile in response. I don't mind.

I lean back in my chair.

"He's really hot. I mean did you see his hair? And those eyes!" I hear a conversation between two girls that are sitting behind me.

"I think he's a senior, but I'm willing to bet that I can get him to notice me." the first girl continues.

"You think so, eh?" her friend replies, "I heard some rumors that he's from London. I wonder if he has an accent. I also heard that his parents are like rich or something. He looks like he went to a private school. Maybe he got kicked out; spoiled rich boy."

The first girl snaps at her friend, "Who cares! He's hot! That's all that matters to me."

"He just seems dark and mysterious. He kind of scares me to be honest."

"More for me then." The first girl giggles.

"Just be careful." The second girl seems a little hurt.

The first girl is silent.

I guess the new guy has some interesting aspects to him. Every girl seems to think he is extremely hot. I'm actually curious to see him myself now. Not because of his looks, mostly, but because he's from London; like me. I used to live there. That's where I was born. We moved here to Ontario, Canada when I was only six.

I really hope he will be friendly enough to talk to me about it.

Alex is walking me to history, knowing he is going to make himself late. He ran all the way from PE just to meet me.

As I walk into the classroom I see Amber sitting in the far back. She is restless in her seat. I wonder if the new guy had been in one of her classes.

I make my way to my seat, and I can hear a group of girls giggling in the hallway behind me.

"He's in my first class!" Amber exclaims as I sit in the desk next to her.

"Have you talked to him?" I ask.

Amber sighs, "I tried, but he's like really antisocial. I guess he's kind of shy. It's adorable." She snickers.

"That's too bad." I say.

"He did ask me one question though." She sounds a little annoyed.

"What did he ask?"

Amber's nose wrinkles up in an almost confused expression, "He asked me what my last name was."

I'm confused by this as well. What kind of guy wants to know just wants to know someone's last name?

"That's pretty strange, eh?" She asks.

I nod my head in agreement.

"Maybe he knows someone?" she ponders.

"Maybe. Or he's looking for someone he knows already." I half-joke, but realize that I'm probably right.

"It sounds kind of creepy when you put it that way." Amber has an awkward look on her face.

I chuckle a little, "It kind of does."

I begin doodling on my new notebook to pass the time. I finish making a circle with many spirals when I hear a sudden gasp from Amber. I quickly look up.

In the doorway there is a young man in jeans and a button up long-sleeve shirt. My eyes wander to his face. My heart stops for a moment. It's my dark protector from my dream!

His russet brown hair is just as I remember it, and his sapphire blue eyes are equally recognizable. They are beautiful and entrancing. They really seem like they are sparkling.

If I were a cartoon character, my jaw would've hit the floor with a huge thump. Instead my mouth falls open and my eyes widen. I'm literally stunned. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before or anyone I know. My dream guy showing up the same day I had a dream about him. It's a little too much for me to handle.

I shake my head in disbelief, thinking that I must be dreaming again.

My dark protector's sapphire irises meet with my hazel ones. An almost surprised expression appears on his face.

Amber whispers in my ear, "That's him."

I don't look at her. Instead I keep staring into his eyes and him into mine, even when Mr. Hills introduces him to the class.

"This is Jonathan Damon. He's a transfer student from London. I'm sure you will all help me in giving Mr. Damon a warm welcome."

"What's up man?" Trevor jokes from the front row.

Jonathan smiles for the class, but his eyes stay locked with mine.

Does he recognize me as well? Maybe he had a dream like me. I'm willing to believe anything like that is possible now.

I can feel my palms getting sweaty from nervousness.

He begins walking towards me, and I realize that the only empty seat is in front of me.

I feel the hair on my arms and neck stand on end. His eyes still never leave mine, and even when his back is turned it feels like he is still looking at me.

I look at his hair again. There is no doubt about it. The resemblance is uncanny. There is no way that he is not my dark protector from my dream. The question is, how did I know that he would be coming now? My dream had to mean something important about me and Jonathan. As I say his name in my head the butterflies flutter in a panicky flight. Maybe, just maybe, he is supposed to be a part of my life. Not romantically of course; I still love Alex very much. But how can once glance, or dream for that matter, make me feel this way about a stranger?

Oh no, I think. I know that I can't tell Alex, or anyone for that matter that I had a dream about Jonathan before meeting him for real. They will think I'm crazy.

I ponder through several thoughts on how to come up with an excuse to talk to Jonathan or an excuse to never talk to him. Neither of them work in my nervous state. I want him, and I can't figure out why. It's so wrong.

The bell rings a lot sooner than expected. Amber had to shake me to let me know class is over. I look to see that Jonathan has already left the classroom as well. I could've sworn he's still sitting there; strange. Maybe I am going crazy.

Lunch came in no time, and for some reason I can't recall the class before it. I know it was History, but the face of Jonathan is all that's haunting my thoughts right now.

"Hey Amy, are you ok?"

I snap out of my thoughts and realize I'm next to Amber in the lunch line, "Pardon? Sorry. I completely missed what you said." I put my hand to my forehead.

Amber gives me a strange look, "I was wondering if you're alright?" I wonder if she thinks I'm going crazy.

I place my fingers to my temples, "Yeah, I'm fine. Crashing; first day of school excitement's already fizzled out."

"Oh. I see. I thought you were going to throw some kind of fit earlier. I mean, the way you were acting in History was just plain weird. You looked like someone was holding a gun to your head."

"That's what it felt like to me."


"Oh! Nothing." I didn't realize I spoke out loud.

"What can I get for you ladies?" asks the lunch lady.

"I'll take a salad please." Amber replies.

"Alright, coming right up. What about you dear?"

I look across the selections of food to see Jonathan looking at me. Why is he dressed like the lunch lady? I tilt my head to one side in confusion.

"What can I get you?" He asks in a tone that sends my heart into a flutter.

"Amy." Amber says.

"Oh!" I snap back into reality, "Sorry. I'll just take an apple today." I smile. My head is definitely in the clouds today. I'm completely out of it. Certifiably insane, even. I'm hallucinating and it's the middle of the day.

"Alright dear." The lunch lady looks at me weird. I can't blame her. My behavior is totally out of the ordinary, even for someone who doesn't know me. This is not normal human behavior.

I take an apple from the basket filled with a variety of other fruits. It reminds me of my surprise breakfast from the morning. I chuckle a little bit to myself.

"What's so funny?" asks Amber.

"Nothing." My day isn't bad, I just don't get where all the hallucinations were coming from. It's like someone is messing with me.

We sit down at the nearest table, and I lean back in my seat, holding my apple starting into my blurry red reflection.

"So I figured that you would want to be a part of the Homecoming committee right?" Amber asks, while mixing her salad dressing into her plate of vegetables.

I sigh, "Not really. I kind of want to try out for the school musical."

"Oh. What musical?" She uses her fork to get the last of the dressing onto her salad.

"Don't know yet. I haven't been told. Maybe it will be posted sometime soon." I pull the stem from my apple. I said the alphabet silently in my head. The stem came out on the letter "D". Personally I find it strange. I figured "A" or "J" would've been a better match. I don't even know anyone who's name starts with a "D".

"Ok." Amber begins eating her salad.

My gaze wanders back to my apple. I see a dark reflection behind me. I turn to see Jonathan standing there. Another illusion? I turn around to face Amber again, shaking my head.

She stops eating and looks up. Nope. He's really here. I stand up and face him.

"Can I help you?" I ask in an almost sour tone. I wonder if he's following me.

"I," Jonathan begins, "I apologize for not introducing myself in History, but I noticed you looking at me. My name is Jonathan Damon." He has a thick British accent that gives me goosebumps.

"Yeah," I reply, "I guess I was looking at you. You just looked familiar." Shoot, I think I said too much, "I just mean…Well I'm from London, so I thought you might've been someone I knew." Epic fail, Amy, I think. I suck at playing it cool. So much for my great acting skills.

"You've been to London recently?" he asks.

"No. I lived there until I was six." I can picture Amber eating metaphorical popcorn like she's watching a soap opera for some reason.

"Really?" he sounds surprised.


"Why did your family move here, if you don't mind me asking?" He speaks with such respect and maturity. There was no way he is going to fit in at this school. He doesn't seem like a high school student at all. He seems more like an adult. It's strange.

"Family matters." I hope he will leave it at that.

"I apologize for the intrusion. I won't ask anymore. I can see that I've upset you" He smiles, "That was not my intention."

"Thanks." I try not to smile too big.

He really is the perfect man from my dream. The way he talks. The way he looks, and even his smell. It's addicting, but I can't let myself be drawn to him. I have a boyfriend!

I try to sit back down, until I notice Amber pointing at Jonathan, "I don't think he's done talking to you." She says.

I turn around to look at Jonathan again, "Can I ask you one question?"

I look at him awkwardly, "Uh, sure. What is it?"

"What is your name?"


"Amy? That's a beautiful name. What is your last name?"

He wants my full name? Are we related or something and he wants to know? Strange.

"Amy Lynn Turner."

"Amy Lynn Turner!?" he repeats back shocked as his eyes widen.

He puts his hand to his mouth, "I see. Thank you." He quickly saunters off.

"Well that was just plain weird." I say to Amber as I finally sit down.

"What? Him wanting to know your full name? I told you he asked me that earlier."

"No. It was the look on his face when I told him my full name. He looked scared or something." I take a bite of my apple

"Well, you know what I noticed?" Amber changes the subject.


"You have a boyfriend; I don't. I'm sure Jonathan is single, and I'm willing to bet I could get him to take me to Homecoming." She smiles.

"You think so, eh?"

She giggles, "I know so."

English class passed in a blur. Alex sat next to me and asked me how my day was. Awkward question, compared to our past conversations of the day.

"Strange." is the only answer I can give him honestly.

He walks me to PE and kisses me on the cheek before he heads to his class.

I make my way to the locker room to change, and once I get into the main gym I just about faint in shock again.

Jonathan is in my class again, but he no longer has that look of horror on his face. Instead he's smiling at me like we know each other really well.

I smile back as best as I can. I still can't shake the awkwardness that I feel between us, especially now that Amber wants him for herself.

Coach Andy pairs us up boy, girl, boy, girl.

I'm paired with Kevin. I'm pretty relieved. I don't really how I'll act if I talk to Jonathan when I need to focus on what I'm doing.

We play badminton, and about half-way through our first game, Christine comes up to me.

"Hey Amy, can I trade you partners?"

"Sure. Yeah. No problem." I reply.

"Thank you! I love you!" She gives me a hug and walks with Kevin back to her court.

"Well isn't this a wonderful coincidence." Jonathan's voice comes from behind me.

I jump in surprise, "You! Oh…you." I turn to see him.

"What's wrong Amy?" he looks worried.

"Uh, nothing. I'm just no good at sports." I lie. I'm actually pretty athletic, but they're just not my thing. I prefer drama and other indoor activities.

"It's quite simple." He replies with a smile.

He actually believes me, or he is just playing along. I can't tell which. And even though I lied, I still let Jonathan teach me how to play. I don't know what it is that makes me want to be closer to him. It's coming out of nowhere.

Class goes by quickly. Jonathan comes up to me again just before class is over while we're waiting by the gym doors to leave.

"How old are you Amy?"

Another strange question, "Seventeen, but I'm turning eighteen in two months."

"Ah." He puts his hand to his mouth again and concentrates.

The dismissal bell rings, but Jonathan doesn't move. He holds his statue-like figure and his sapphire eyes sparkle when he looks up to see me still standing there.

I feel like I'm frozen. His eyes really are entrancing like they were in my dream. I wait, staring at him. I have a sudden desire to kiss him. I become angry at myself for even thinking it.

"I have very little time." Jonathan says, but it doesn't seem like he's saying it to me.

"Very little time for what?" I press, my tone from my thoughts coming out accidently.

"Hey Amy!" Alex says before hugging me tightly from behind.

"See you tomorrow Amy." Jonathan says in a monotone voice.

Alex and I begin to walk away, and I glance over my shoulder. Jonathan stays where he is with his back against the wall and he looks up at the ceiling. I can't tell for sure, but I think I see a really big smile on his face.

He knows something, and I feel like it has to do with me. No. I KNOW it has to do with me. I'm going to ask him next time I see him.

"So was that the new guy?" Alex asks while walking me to my car.

"Yeah. He and I were paired up for PE. He's from London like me.

Alex gives me a cockeyed look.

I immediately assume what he's thinking and try to change it, "I just mean that he doesn't seem like some kind of creep that would try and hit on me." I realize that he did seem like he was hitting on me though indirectly and in a strange way. There's that word again; strange. That's the only word I feel fits how today has been.

Alex laughs loudly and puts his arm around my shoulder, "I'm just messing with you Amy." He kisses me on the cheek.

We finally got to my little silver Toyota Corolla as I hear thunder rumbling as more rain clouds are rolling in.

"Well you better get home." Alex takes my keys and my bag.

"Yeah. Looks like it's going to be a nasty storm."

Alex opens my car and puts my bag inside, and walks me over to the driver's side, "You really should get a backpack Amy. It might be better on your shoulders and neck. I bet your neck's killing you." He opens the door for me.

"Not really. I prefer using a bag. Feels more professional." I half-smile as I get in the car.

"I know." Alex laughs again, "I'm just being an ass again. Just looking out for you babe." He hands me my keys and brushes one hand on the side of my face.

I smile, "That would be you." I close my eyes and Alex presses his lips to mine. I feel him brush my cheek with his other hand as he slowly pulls away.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He whispers in my ear.

"See ya." I feel goose bumps on my arms.

Alex closes my door just as it starts to rain.

I opened the window, "Hey. I love you."

Alex smiles, "I love you too Amy." He makes a heart shape with his hand as he disappears around the corner of the school.

I pull out of the parking lot of the school, and I am almost positive that there is someone watching me.