She was an angel devoid of angles. She had a sweet breath upon her tongue and flavorful aroma on her breast. She was a pleasure unit built to the top specifications of her time. She ate pills and drank good wine we smoked the finest space weed we could afford. She asked the hard questions and I gave her the soft answers. Could androids dream? Were her dreams real or subconscious implants? Could she be more than a pleasure unit? We discussed consciousness over space Kush and skylark brand crackers, the family owned corporation that subsumed all the earths GDP after the great war, not WW2 but the one after, the one that ended it all and through the vaporizations of half the human populace there remained a sort of stolid peace that hung about the earth. We spent our time in lust filled days. of course, she could never be satisfied, it was built in her actions, in her ersatz DNA, but I loved her nonetheless and never questioned her too hard on where'd she spent her nights. I myself lost in a slneesh binge, another more potent drug, and was on contract with the Municipal Order of Ohio to scout and retrieve books for their library as a way of making ends meet.

My work for the municipal order of Ohio was going sideways. I had stocked the science fiction department with Asimov, Dick, Gibson, and others but was falling behind on my search for other precious books. I was hitting the slneesh hard, losing myself in the drug addled days. my women, had just run off with another android to NYC to become a part of the Our Blessed Lady Orgy Cult they had going on over there. I felt lonely and more susceptible to long bouts of slneesh, my hang overs were intense headaches the morning after.

The trap as they called it was a highly evolved game of cat and mouse between slneesh dealers, users like myself, and the left overs and patchworks of whatever police force was still active. I needed slneesh badly, like a baby crying out for its bottle, you see the slneesh was like an ether drug, liquid in form it was sprayed onto a mask and then left to huff by the user. The Municipal Order of Ohio to whom I was contracted did not mind that I was a slneesh head so long as I got the work done, tracking down old books to refill their library with in Dayton, the new capital. it was tough work, I often found myself wading through and breaking into rotting, abandoned book stores in search of the good stuff. There was fall out everywhere from the bombs that had been dropped, and bands of roving ruffians around every corner. some say it was a thankless job but it paid well enough for me to have his own crib, and of course for me to fuel my habit.