The extraction of the gene splicer was a success. It was a horrible trek back to Dayton in our exo-suits. We had taken heavy casualties in our battle to escape. Out of our team of seven exo-suits only three had made it out alive. I was lucky enough to avoid a few plasma cannon blast, my cohorts in the expedition, the ones who died trying weren't so lucky. One of them taking a direct blast to his chest.

When we got back to Dayton Andrea was waiting for me . She hugged the giant skulking Fram of the exo-suit I was piloting.

"glad to have you back." She said, tears welling in her eyes from upon hearing the news of the droids we lost,

The process of converting my files body into that of a bio-mechanical droid was not a painless procedure. Switching consciousness was relatively easy.

Now seven years later I'm in charge of maintaining the Manhattan branch of the Free liberty library. Me and Andrea live in relative harmony. Eating Skylark crabkers and smoking the finest hydroponic weed they grow in Manhattan.