There's not enough caffeine to write this story. There's not enough weed to get the details right. Me and Horseshoe were riding down plaza Blvd. hi and drunk when we get pulled over by a cop. He demands Horseshoes drivers license and my ID, of course I don't have mine, within two seconds I'm sitting on the curb with my hands behind my back while this cop cycles through a host of deviants from his computer to see if any match my description. Horseshoe is acing a field sobriety test (Ok maybe only I was drunk)

Flashback 20 minutes prior; were at a house party, I just got done smoking a blunt with Horseshoe, the parties a bust, the man to women ratio is all off and the mini keg is listlessly floating in its own melting pool of ice water. Some jackass is playing bad club music and it feels like no matter how many blunts I sit here and smoke the vibe isn't going to improve. We decide to jet and catch a beer at a local pub.

Flash forward; the cop is handing Horseshoe back his Drivers License and telling him to be on his merry way, reluctantly the cop lets me go to and while undoing my handcuffs has some sore words about civics and keeping a valid ID on you at all times so the gestapo can come and check up on you anytime they damn please, pretty soon a man can't smoke a joint in his own home without some Dudley do-right ratting him out and getting him sent to a reeducation farm or wherever they'll send dissidents in the future. I get into Horseshoe's car and we speed off into the night. I wish we had girls with us. That's what this cruise session needs; girls.

I think back to being frisked by the cop, him finding my stash of bud and him not saying anything. What officer? Perfectly legal to possess in the great state of California. The way his night is going he probably wants to toke too.