A boy looks blankly at a judge who sentenced him to death and with dead look he looked at a skinny pale man tossing a coin in the air that's his coin a golden dollar he looked at that man with hatred and with that day he yelled something that will be burned into everyone's mind there he yelled "I here by curse those in this town who are wicked to be forever be hunted by me" the boy yelled and with that he was dragged off by guards. aster: A girl siting on her bed in one of the most prestigious colleges in the world located in oak river a small town but it was nice accept on thing there was a legend told about a boy who was sentenced to death ten years ago its said that he cursed everyone in the court room but she did not believe in that silly legend but she was getting to a good part and that is when her roommate barged in and said "hey silly girl me and some of the ladies are going to major party" "and"? "so you should come get drunk be rowdy that stuff" "hmm no thanks I like solitude and silence" "fine you bore" "bye liv" after that conversation she got back to her book after a couple of hours in the world of books she was ready for bed that's when she slipped and once she hit the ground it was day with rays of sun shine coming through the windows she got up dazed as if she was hit with a bat when she got up she herd a knock at the door and then another "I'm coming just hold you horses" she said and with that she opened the door and two officers a black women and a white old guy they asked if they could come in they sat and talked but when they said it she was absolutely paralyzed liv was dead a fire broke out and there was a panic and she was trampled. dy: ever since that day he was eternally bound to the earthly plain he was so angry that he said it too scare them and it really came true but that did not stop him he kept his promise he hunted down anyone who did a crime but there was something bad about eternal life he cant be noticed that's bad since he can't be noticed he can't really tell people who did it so he gets evidence noticed in any way he can and give people comfort but they'll forget its just not helping anyone he was deep in thought when he herd screaming so he got up and ran towards it there he was the pale man he was not noticed the pale man he was holding a butchers knife so he did what he does he ran at the man but he passed right through him he punched the man but it did nothing he was mad he was right here and he could do nothing he was angry. pale man: this is what I live for the fear in the eyes of my kill a look so satisfying it was not of insanity or pain it was for the joy of the hunt but I had to make this a short one I had something special tonight a meeting it will be a joyous thing it will be between my friends and me we will have to discuss about our aster problem in this garden but I was thinking ahead of my self right now I need to quench my thirst for blood that is when something caught my eye a slight spark in the air it was right behind me that's when a big flash and my knife was lifted out of my hands and then it just seemed to disappear well looks like I have to finish this the old fashion way and with that he said some words and a fire broke out. dy: he had no idea what he done but the knife just appeared in his hand and he had to save the girl and get the pale man in jail but he was surprised when a explosion came from the building he stared at the building when a brick hit him once he hit the ground it was day and there was a investigation team here but the girl was dead and he was having a major headache he needed to find out what happened and why he was a bright shade of a blue now he was interrupted by a scream like the girls he looked behind him to see the girl he went to walk over to her but she just seemed to not notice him he tried to touch her but his hand passed right through her so he just decided to leave but when he walked away the world seemed to turn a different color it was seemed out of place till he realized everything is blue. but stuff around him it was normal he was freaking out what was this he ran down the street passing through everyone till he bumped into someone she was blurred like she was a blind spot but it didn't matter she was solid and seemed to notice him so he talked to her "hey you can see me" she just stood there awestruck by him so he tried something else he moved further up the street he beckoned her with him he had a feeling of curiosity for her but right now he had a more important matters.

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