Deadboy:hmmm yeah no this is the dumbest thing I have ever experienced pointing at a chess board with aster on the other side "well I thought that you had the patients of a corpse since you know" i then swiped my hand across the chess board and flicked her king. we were doing this inside the local morgue and yes we are using the corpse tables to play but we've been waiting for six days we have been looking for something Like a cross between a like a pentagram and a inverted cross with a radioactive symbol but wanna hear the worst part. Well it causes the dead to rise and let me start at the beginning me and aster got spotted taking dwon a guy and and that spread like wildfire across the world now we are kinda famous, theories on what we are who we are people had gone nuts but that didn't stop us we went on and soon we got an acult case people that have been dead for hundreds of years now commiting crimes it may be just some clever disguise artist but an amulet was stolen that can bring back the dead i'm they are connected cause well dead people plus magic amulet eqauls zombie so we went on it we chased down one of these zombies and ended up at the morgue cause we are waiting on the report from the body of the zombie yes we both have been here for six days "um... it's been six minutes" no way we have been here forever BANG! it came from the front. Me and aster come bursting throught the door and and a women slung over the desk dead and missing and eye I go over to the body and study it she was was not shot she was strangled and I asume the bang was the body hitting the desk and the eye socket it had something in it a note I sticked two fingers in and pulled it out between my two fingers it was wrapped in the center with red ribon and a wax seal it was a x with a line through it. one pm me and aster have been at the apartment for a couple of minutes and we can not open it we have tried everthing fire,knives,blood and even bullets we can not open it even tried saying open and nothing then a large boom and the letter opened it read "blood for life and life for blood a dark omen runs and a lost soul see from witch the dark shall be" ok that is either giberish or i'm just dumb I mean come o if they were going to give us a clue make it a good one so i threw it aside then we made alot of theories on where the next zombie will be and that took forever I mean but nothing so we took another look at the letter and nothing we went on till morning. Aster:ok so after that I went to school and dy sat at home and popped in a movie and as soon as i was out the door I saw him a black boy with dreds a grey hoodie and a blue shirt i sighed and walked on "Hey aster whats up" the sky "ok but you won't believe what i found it's amazing" he then pulled out the amulet. I took the amulet and pressed him up against the wall where did you find this kyle "i don't know" i pressed his throat "ok ifound it in my dorm *gag*". I ran back to my dorm and dy wasn't there but there was a note with a ribon and wax seal with a x with a line through it.

hi i know it benn a while since i wrote about deadboy but i have been busy with school and such this will probably be it for awhile but i do truly hope you will still be my faithful read thank you and here are the facts

death has helped alot of people he does not have to like his job you know

"tell me the truth and I'll set you free"-Truth

"Hollow man hollow dreams"-art

no man alive has seen the pale man but aster a women and deadboy's a ghost so there's that

yes people that knew dy are still alive