A/N: The rating of this story is T (for teens) to be safe, as the overall theme may be upsetting to younger children. All characters are my own creations, and any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental!

Dear Diary,

Oh, that sounds daft, a young boy like me having a diary. That's usually a 'girl' thing, as people usually would say.

Some people call them journals, though "Dear Journal" doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

It doesn't say "Diary" on the front either, like many do, it's just a plain red book, red being my favourite colour.

So why does a young boy like me have a diary? Well, I need someone (or indeed something) to tell about things.

I never thought there was any harm in keeping secrets. Everyone has stuff they did or said, that they'd rather no one knew about. Skeletons in the closet.

No harm in that, yes?

But it wasn't until what happened recently that made me change.

None of this will make any sense though, unless I explain everything right from the beginning. That's the best place to start, with any story.

Let's start with a list about me:

1. My name is Victor Greenwood. I have an array of wooden letters screwed on the wall above my bed spelling VICTOR, painted in red. But no one has ever called me that. To everyone who knows me, I'm Vic.

2. My birthday is 21st December. I recently turned 10 years old. Double figures! There's something else about this birthday that made it special, but I didn't know until it happened. But I'll explain that a bit later.

3. I go to Eden Street Juniors. We have green uniforms at this school; green sweatshirts with the logo emblazoned in gold, white polo shirts, black or dark grey trousers or shorts and black shoes. Girls get the option of green cardigans, black or grey tunics, black or grey skirts with black, grey or bottle green tights. Helgate Infants, where I went previously, had a red uniform. My younger sister goes there now. Despite the name, it was a good school. It's where I first met Casey. Which brings me to...

4. My best friend is Casey Arthur. We first met on the first day in the Reception class at Helgate Infants. We were put next to each other on the first day, and became friends really quickly, discovering we liked a lot of the same things. Then we discovered we only lived a street away from each other, and from that moment onwards we were almost inseparable.

Sounds like most boys my age, yes? Well, here's one more thing about me. Something I previously had only shared with Casey.

I can see spirits.

I have been able to see them ever since I can remember.

Well, no, that's not entirely true. I could sense their presence and see their outlines ever since I could remember .

As I said, I previously only shared this with Casey, and as best friends do, he promised not to tell anyone else at school. As I said, who would believe me? Not any of my classmates, that's for sure! I'd soon have been a laughing stock about something that sounds as bizarre as that!

Casey did though.

It wasn't until my 10th birthday I could see them fully, and it was from that moment onwards, things are never the same again...

What happened? Well, again, let's start with the beginning of it.

My 10th birthday.