Eventually I must have fell asleep, because it was happening again. The same recurring dream that I've had since I was seven. Every night I've had it, it's the same. But little did I know it would be slightly different this time.

It's happening again...

Let me tell you about it.

I'm standing in a room; a room that I have seen so many times now it's almost as if it is a real place. I know it can't be though, can it?

When I was younger, whenever I asked about dreams, I was always told they were just made up of elements of things you'd seen or heard throughout the previous day, or perhaps at other times. The reason they were often strange was because stuff just got mixed together and got confused.

But there really are times I think dreams I have are getting at something. I mean, I'm a boy who can sense spirits, so it wouldn't be that out of the ordinary for me?

The walls are grey, the colour of the sky on a raw stormy day, not that you can see them; It has an overall hazy, drab look about it, with smoke hanging about. The floor is a black and white checkerboard pattern, like many people (including my parents), often have in their bathroom.

Casey is standing there, appearing just as I remember him: his curly brown hair, his brown eyes, his striped shirt and jeans. But he just stays solemn faced, and silent until I wake up.

Now I can imagine you're thinking that I dream this because of me missing him, and it's just based on me thinking about him before I went to sleep.

It could be true, as well.

But this night, as I said, it was a bit different.

It played out the same as usual, until the point Casey appeared. He was dressed in his usual clothes, but this time he had a smile on his face.

Admittedly I felt a bit uncomfortable; Casey was cheerful, usually had a smile on his face, but why was he smiling now? After appearing solemn and silent since the first time I had the dream?

Then, he spoke, breaking the silence. What did he say, you're asking?

"I'll be seeing you soon, Vic."

What did he mean? I was just about to ask, when...

Next thing I knew, my alarm was ringing.

9:00AM, it read in its bright green numbers. Time to get up!

I climbed out of bed and out of my red and black striped footless onesie pyjamas, and slipped on my t shirt, jeans and shoes, as well as my hat (I wear a newsboy hat).

Happy birthday to me! I said to myself, as I made my way downstairs for breakfast, wondering what was planned for my birthday.

I couldn't shake the dream from last night though, even as I poured myself a bowl of Marshmallow Matey's, my favourite breakfast cereal. I knew not to mention it to my parents, they'd just start on at me again, saying what I'd said earlier.

I couldn't help but wonder though. Why the smoke and haze? Why the overall setup? Why the same dream over? Why was it different last night?

All of those (apart from the last one) were what I had been wondering for the past three years.

As I tucked into my cereal, little did I know I'd been finding out sooner than I thought!