On a cold january night, in a silent street the only business still open was a faintly lighted coffee bar. inside only two men could be found, one behind the bar cleaning dishes , an old man with a stern look, while the second was around its teen years reading on a table at the corner.

"Ok lad, time to close shop" said the old man having just finished the last dirty plate.

"Thanks for letting me stay till now" responded the young man as he placed his book inside a backpack he had under the table. As he stood from his seat the light of the lone bulb above him brighted his tired face. For a moment his deep green eyes shined through the messy black hair covering it.

"No problem, you are always welcome" stated the old man with a sympathetic smile.

The young man put on a heavy green coat and covered his head with it's hood. Then he took his backpack and opened the entrance of the shop letting a strong cold breeze through. His slender and tall build shiver for a moment as he felt the cold made it past his clothes. Fighting the chills running through his body he rushed outside as the lights behind him turned his momentum the young man readjusted his backpack and began walking through the frozen streets.

His body moved swiftly as to not feel the bitter cold while his mind was elsewhere, still dwindling inside the pages of the book in his back. He was suddenly brought back to reality as a couple, already feeling the effects of alcohol, passed next to him. Seeing them slowed his pace and brought a somber look to his face

"I wish i could stay longer, it's easier to read there than home" he mumbled to himself barely moving his lips.

He nevertheless kept walking, slightly crouching on every breeze until he got stunned by the soft sound of a crying woman coming from within the darkness of an ally. Not knowing how to react he looked around hoping someone else would have noticed it but from the few people around he seemed to be the only one hearing the cry.

Abruptly the world went silent, the young man couldn't hear the breeze nor the distant sounds of the city. From the alley emerged a woman wearing a one piece crimson dress with red tears flowing from her eyes.

"Please don't run" whispered the woman as she leaped towards the young man. Her thin pale body moving swiftly, shining everytime a street light reached her.

He was bewildered by this and couldn't react to the approaching body, ending in the woman firmly yet gently grabbing his head.

The woman pulled the young man head closer to her body, he tried to say something but nothing came out. Without having noticed the young man could not longer speak nor move .

Panic started to surge in him, the desperation reflected on his eyes as they furiously searched for help around him. But it was in vain, the few people he had previously seen had disappeared, leaving the two completely alone.

His head finally reached the woman, she pressed it against her shoulder and smiled warmly. "I have been looking for a boy like you" whisper the woman while stroking the young man's hair, "Now please sleep".

The young man's eyes became heavy, he tried to fight and keep himself from closing them with little success and his consciousness soon faded.

A soft chuckle came from the woman,"Now you are mine"

The young man woke up from his slumber in an unknown building. On his knees and with his vision blurred, he could only hear mumbling near him. The sound came from what he could assume were three women next to him, also on their knees. Slowly his vision became clearer and he saw their gagged faces full of tears. He tried to reach to them but his body didn't move. Mouth, neck, arms, legs completely static. Only his still moving eyes show any sign of life left in him.

His desperate attempts to move ended when his eyes finished recovering their focus and he discover more people with them. Three men in suits standing behind each woman, with another four in front of them in line as soldiers awaiting orders.

"Our chosen one has woken, now we can start our celebration" shouted a female voice from behind the four men LINE.

The two suited men on the middle opened a path, as the woman of the crimson dress passed between them, slowly approaching the young man. When she got close enough, she started to caress his face with a playful smile only to double his fear. She continued as her smile became wider, contorting her face until it became the disturbing grin of a monster enjoying the misery of its prey.

The young man wanted to run, but his body didn't respond. She continue to caress him with her fearsome smile, torturing him. He strongly shut his eyes, not being able to look at that grin any longer. Tears flowed from his shut eyes, wetting the hand of the woman, who chuckled, returning her face to a more human look.

"Closing your eyes wishing this wasn't real? You are going to be fun" the woman softly spoke while taking a step back from the young man. "Let me congratulate you for having been chosen as the new member of my harem" she shouted with a malicious joy.

All the suited men enthusiastically clapped with some shouting praises and honors. The young man was detached from what was happening, focusing only on keeping his eyes closed and ignoring everything he was hearing.

The woman put her hand up and everyone went silent. "Up until now," she continued "my men could satisfy me completely except for my weak spot for wimpy guys. That is why I will let you be part of our little paradise". She stopped for a moment to chuckle once more "You certainly are my type in this area, but let's do this properly and get to know each other".

When the woman finished speaking, one of the suited guys behind her swiftly moved to her side and gave her a note, before returning to his position.

"My name is Dolores. What might yours be?" Dolores opened the note "Ryan T. Winters. Born 30 of september 2001, 15 years old eh?" she paused for a second to look at Ryan with eyes of a predator and continue reading the note. "New york. Lives in an apartment with a single mom and bla,bla,bla" Dolores threw the note and once again approach Ryan.

He still was trying to deny that what was happening was real. Suddenly he opened his eyes in surprise as a freezing sensation crossed his cheeks. Dolores once warm hand was colder than ice. In that moment both stared at each other's eyes. Ryan growing more unsettled by how close she was.

"Now that we are closer I'm going to tell you a secret." She got even closer to Ryan and whispered to his ear " I'm a vampire." The distorted smile crossed her face once more "and to be with me you must be one too"

One of the suited men standing behind the girls grabbed one of them and brought it in front of Ryan, ripping her shirt to fully expose her neck.

Meanwhile Dolores was opening Ryan's coat in a flirtatious way, almost like a lover, while keeping constant eye contact, giggling at every fearful reaction he had.

"This girl is our welcome gift to the family, all who are turned become a little crazy at first, so we hope she satisfies you". She continue striping his torso, pausing for a moment to place a card on his pants and whisper "remember to come home before sunlight".

Ryan couldn't believe, he couldn't accept the reality of the sight in front of him, his desperation to scream or move became unbearable and it showed in the tears escaping his eyes.

Dolores finished exposing his neck, a sense of peril overcome his mind, making him cry more intensely. This time he couldn't close his eyes, his instincts prevented him from losing sight of such a threat.

Dolores's face got closer to Ryan's neck while she opened her mouth in a grotesque manner, showing several fangs too sharp to be teeths. Without a moment to spare she bit him. A small amount of blood started to drip from the bite. Although he was still paralyzed, through his widen eyes his pain escaped as they lost their light, while Dolores kept biting him even stronger.

This continued for several seconds with only the sound of blood squirting and the gaged womens cry. Dolores finally released her jaws and walked backwards, away from the now lifeless body she had fed from.

She intensely moaned to the sky, hugging herself as she contorted in ecstasy. "That was more intense and delicious than I anticipated!" yelled Dolores gasping as she licked the blood left around her face.

The moment no more blood was left on her face she moved, leaving a clear path between the gagged girl and Ryan's body.

"Welcome to the family" announced Dolores while pointing towards the gagged female.

Once again clapping and cheers came from the suited men. This lasted until the lifeless body of Ryan started twitching. Everyone stopped as the body violently shaken, a heavy monstrous breathing could be heard and out of nowhere the body stood up. Ryan came back from the dead but not as a human, the heavy breathing showed his now sharp teeth and a eerie red light came from his eyes.

There was nothing on his mind except an agony that could only be compared to starvation, like a beast that went feral in the need for survival. Without moving his eyes started ricocheting looking for something stopping on the gagged woman in front of him. With a prey in sight he move towards her, slowly, with saliva falling with from his mouth with every step.

The woman cried more intensely struggling to move and shouting, some of her screams could be understood though her impeded mouth but no one besides Ryan reacted to them.

One of her cries had manage to reach Ryan and stopped him on his tracks. Just for a second he recovered his sanity and fought his feral state to regain control. He wasn't going to hurt her, an innocent in fear.

A battle now raged inside his mind and his body was left static as a statue. He stood still in the middle of the dark room for several minutes, his feral starvation and his compassion fighting over him. A voice broke through his stasis, grabbing the attention of both sides of his mind.

"How cute, you can't approach a girl even in your state" mockingly quipped Dolores.

Ryan's attention was now on her and a new feeling took over him, uncontrollable rage. Dolores was softly chuckling, invigorating his ire and making him growl lightly. Without a second thought he leaped towards Dolores. Before she could react Ryan firmly bit her neck, spraying blood around him.

"YOU BASTARD!" furiously shouted Dolores. Ryan responded by biting even harder trying to rip the flesh from her neck, making the blood flow even stronger.

The suited men jumped into action, four of them stabbing Ryan in the chest with red blades while the others try to free their mistress from the gory kiss. He was like an indomable beast, the stabs where nothing to him and he just kept pressing on his bite.

When some of Dolores's blood passed through Ryan's throat, his face suddenly froze and his bite lost its strength. The suited man used the opportunity to separate the two, letting Ryan fall to the ground while attending their mistress.

Dolores immediately recovered, pushing the suited man out of her way, leaving her and Ryan face to face once more. He looked even more feral than before, with blood covering his body.

"THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT THE ONE WHO PUT PARADISE TO YOUR ARMS REACH!", Dolores face contorted into that of a monster as vicious as the one she was facing.

Ryan once again attacked and the suited man moved to protect Dolores. She shoved them, letting the charging beast a clear path. Before his bite met Dolores desfigurated neck once more, she extended her arms and a red and black sphere appeared, from it a black light emerged, hitting Ryan.

The force of this attack sent him out of the building, destroying a window and into another building breaking through another window.

After a few bounces he laid on the floor of the second building. The feelings of starvation disappeared, but a new pain emerged from the wounds that cover his body. He crawled towards the first refuge he saw, leaving a bloody trail behind. He hid in a hole he found below a set of stairs. With his strength depleted Ryan body collapsed, his eyes closing as he looked at the recently broken window. A powerful light blinded him before finally losing consciousness.

Ryan woke up with the aroma of smoke and ashes, which instantly put him on alert. He frantically looked around for danger until the memory of what happen reach him. instinctively he touched his neck and sighed in relief as he couldn't find any wounds-

"What happened yesterday was real?" he ask to himself repeatedly as he looked around for answers in the unknown place he found himself. He could tell he was in a warehouse by the metal containers stacked like boxes around him.

While standing he noticed a trail of blood beneath him. He immediately searched his body for wounds but the only thing he found was his bloodstained shirt and coat with four holes.

"So what happen last night was real, it can't be, if it's real…." His face turn sour as he kept mumbling, "I'm no longer human?"

Ryan was confused, trying to remember what had happened. In his frustration he began retracing the bloodtrail he left, hoping to remember something. This lead him into a small office. The plain room only had a chair, desk and a broken window from which sunlight came through. Seeing the glasses scatter through the room Ryan inspected his clothed once more, finding pieces of glass stuck to them..

Nothing was certain in his mind. Could mythical beings like vampires be real, and was he one of them now. He had to check.

Ryan extended his hand towards the ray of light coming from the window but just an inch from touching it he stopped.

"If vampires are real, can direct sunlight kill me or burn off my arm?" He retreated from the window somewhat scared and looked around once more, a big shard of glass stood out and he took it preparation to cut his palm with it.

"If i bleed and the cut doesn't heal, i'm crazy and need to go to the police about this blood" Ryan paused for a second "If the cuts heals everything was real"

Ryan couldn't bring himself to do it, for him having avoided the sun was already proof of his lunacy, at the same time what he could remember told him otherwise. Mustering all his resolve he made a deep cut through his palm. Ignoring the pain he intensely looked as blood escaped from the wound and he let a sight relief. He was human, a madman but still human. But a second glance filled him with horror as the cut skin rejoin itself only leaving a few drops of fresh blood on his palm.

The shock weaken Ryan making him fall to his knees. His mind couldn't fully comprehend this new reality, everything he had ever believe had just being twisted.

"Do i need to feed of blood to live? Is my soul now tainted? Must i return home like nothing?". This and many more questions began mercilessly bombarding his mind.

That trance was suddenly broken when Ryan hear someone talking outside. Instinctively he run from the small room and hid behind one of the many containers. Soon two men in firefighter uniforms enter the warehouse,

"There is a broken window in this one" exclaimed one of the firefighters

"Maybe the arsonist intended to burn this warehouse too" responded his partner

The firefighters started to explore the building with flashlight, Ryan silently moved further from them but his stealth was broke when he step on a drain making a small sound. His heart stopped for a second until he noticed none of the firefighters had hear him.

"Come here quick there's blood everywhere" shouted one of them.

The second one went running towards him, both of them stood silently at the blood trail behind the stairs.

"Let's get the police here, this might be the arsonist's or a fourth victim" the second one shouted.

Ryan was panicking he needed to escape from there, but going out would mean death by sunlight. The drain he was stepping on was big enough for him but to where it led was a mystery

The moment he notice more people entering the warehouse he felt himself trapped, he couldn't just show himself with his bloodstained clothes . But as his mind scrambled for ideas he made the rash decision of escaping through the drain.

The commotion brewing inside the warehouse hid the sound of the metal bars as Ryan open them and escaped, squeezing himself through the narrow tunnel.

As he crawled his mind was still trying to come up with plan of what to do next but to no avail. He didn't know how other vampires were, what he could do as one or what happen to the woman that turned him. Once more he manage to recall a bit of what happen and from his pocket took a card, even with the heavy darkness he could read it.

The card was completely blank except for a few words with an address and the name of the place, "Carmilla's palace nightclub" read the card. Ryan sighted and continued through the tunnel.

After a few minutes he saw the light at the end. Luckily the drain excited to an open area under a bridge, covered by the shadow he sat on a nearby piece of concrete.

"That woman was terrifying but she is the only one that could tell me about what i am" he thought. "This could be bad and not remembering everything that happened last night makes me very worried to see her again."

His body started to relax a little as he rested on the concrete. It was soon followed by a great amount of fatigue that had being boiling inside of him.

"Why if i'm undead i get tire?" questions just kept piling up on his head.

He moved the concrete piece to the wall next to the drain, to have a place to lean.

"Lifting the drain bars and moving that block was incredibly easy although they seemed heavy I must have gained some strength but i don't feel that much stronger. Also i could see perfectly through the drain, i even read the card without problem." Ryan kept pondering, he had realize that even if he wasn't feeling any different his body had definitely changed.

Once again he sat on the block leaning against the wall, keeping his eyes open started to get difficult. He stopped thinking and questioning, wishing to just rest for a bit. There was nothing he could actually do except to recover, wait for sundown and go to the mysterious club..

"I really don't want to go to a place like that, maybe i can contact them by phone... My phone!"

Ryan drowzeeness vanished as he noticed that he had neither his phone, wallet or backpack.

He tried to remember if he had them with him when he got bite but his memories of that night were still fuzzy. Trying to recall he began to put together what he could remember.

"Her name was Dolores and then there were the suited man and … those woman. They planned to feed from them, what a horrible thing. The image of them crying crossed his mind I must brace myself to meet this people again, maybe i should search the alley near Bram's for my…"

A big yawn came from him, he was fighting to remain awake but it was a losing battle. The last shot of adrenaline had faded and without noticing he had fallen asleep.

Ryan woke without noticing that time had passed. As he open his eyes he hoped to be in his house, but the sad truth was that he was still under the bridge. Sun hasn't set yet but it was now at it lowest, painting the sky in red, yellow and orange light.

He stood from his resting spot, this time he wasn't stiff or in pain, he felt great. He questioned if with less sun he becomes stronger or if it took this time to fully recover from his transformation. There was no way to know so he stood and slightly stretch followed by rubbing his fingers felt something stuck to it, thus he rubbed more forcefully to clean it. Pieces of dry blood fell to the ground, when he saw this his face got darker.

"Is this mine or did i…." those thoughts were forcefully discarded, dwelling in them may bring him to a painful realization and what he didn't need at the moment.

Before doing anything else he hastily formulated his plan of action in his head. First he will try to locate his things at the alley he met Dolores then he would visit their nightclub. This was not the best plan but Ryan couldn't think of any other options.

He hid his bloodstained face and cloth with his mostly undamaged heavy coat and hood By the time he finally departed the sky had lost its bright colors bringing noon proper.

Loud music could be hear from inside a pink building covered in neon lights, the streets outside were crowded with people fighting to enter, and two big bouncers guarding the entrance like massive walls. This was "Carmilla's palace" a popular nightclub for those who seek to satisfy the beast inside of them.

In a nearby alley on the opposite street Ryan concealed himself from the people, behind a dumpster.

It took a lot of time to find his way here as he made a stop at the alley where he met Dolores. Sadly when he went there only his empty backpack remain there, deciding not to waste time searching further he headed towards his current location.

He had been tucked in this alley for a while, not mustering the courage to get near the nightclub. This wasn't because of those inside but the people outside, they were clearly much older than him and were dressed to party. Meanwhile he was basically a kid and his clothes could be considered rags in their actual state. The idea of standing out in such a way was horrifying to Ryan.

He feint going towards the club several times and was tempted to leave many more, in the end he decided to wait until there was no more people. This proved to be a mistake, as morning got closer and closer the crowd only grew..

The frustration of just waiting became to much, Ryan accepted that the crow would stay till sunrise and decided to do something. He clenched his teeth and fist and forcefully walk towards the entrance. Crossing the street and passing next to the crowd his sight was only on the two bouncers, stopping himself right in front of one of them.

"What the fuck are you doing here kid?" the bouncer said with a clear disgust in his tone.

Ryan looked up to the face of the almost seven feet tall bouncer, both of them locking eyes with each other. Fro a few seconds that felt like an eternity they stared at each other while Tristan prepared what he was going to say.

"I came...to meet...Dolores" Ryan trembling speech immediately broke the serious image he was conveying.

Still the bouncer face became pale, his expression lost all its ferocity only leaving fear. Ryan kept looking at him not noticing the change, this only made the bouncer sweat.

From behind him the other bouncer approach putting his hand on the first one shoulder. "Is that kid lost or…." he said before being interrupted by his companion.

"He is one of them" he warned his friends.

Now both shared a fearful expression, the second bouncer hurriedly returned to his position while the first one faced ryan once more.

"I'm incredibly sorry sir, please come in the boss was worried no one came" , the bouncer open the door "please follow me"

Ryan nodded with his head and enter behind the bouncer keeping his serious face as he walk inside. The two walk past a lot of people but Ryan didn't pay any attention to them, the loud music and strong lights were dulling his senses so he had to be fully focus on his guide.

They reached a bar where the bartender and the bouncer exchanged looks for a second as the latter and Ryan continue towards a set of stairs far to the back of the building. They went to the second floor leaving the heavy atmosphere of the first one.

This floor was mostly a railed metal catwalk surrounding the first floor with several doors leading to different rooms .

Ryan kept following the bouncer now a little more relaxed and looked arounds as he follow his guide. There were eight more bouncers in the catwalk each guarding one of nine different red doors. Only one door had no bouncer guarding it, directly in front of the bar in the first floor. This was the one that the bouncer lead Ryan to.

The bouncer knock at the door, Ryan kept his serious face still clenching his shaking fist, he made it this far he wasn't going to break down now. A faint voice came from the other room and the bouncer open the door, he didn't went in but signal Ryan to do so.

Upon entering Ryan found himself in a beautiful office that heavily contrasted with what he has seen so far. The windowless room had its walls filled with many decoration, most of which were focused on a bookshelf with glass doors. A crystal chandelier illuminated the place not leaving a single shadow. Two sofas and a tea table made of dark wood with decorative markings presented themselves in front of the door. Further into the room a giant black desk could be seen, behind it a red chair big enough to be mistaken for a throne.

After the quick inspection to the room Ryan kept his sight on the red chair, he could feel someone was sitting there facing the wall.

The door to the room closed slowly, leaving Ryan alone with the mysterious person. His nerves began growing as silence cover the room, not even the loud music from outside could be hear.

"Please take a sit" asked the person behind the red chair. The voice was strangely rough but definitely from a woman.

Ryan got a bit startle and jump a little completely breaking his tough guy performance. Without thinking he complied and quickly sat on the sofa parallel to the desk never losing sight of the red chair.

Slowly the chair began to turn showing a woman with extensive platinum hair sitting on it.

"You must be really confuse, but i'm glad you are here…" the woman continue speaking as she rose from the chair, "My name is Margaret Campbell and i'm the manager of this club"

The woman was clearly in her fifties but even with some wrinkles her face was very beautiful. She wore a black suit that perfectly fitted her tall and slim figure.

She walk towards Ryan in a very regal fashion while he looked astonish at her, in his mind she seem like the perfect definition of a successful business woman. She sat on the sofa next to him and began inspecting him from top to bottom, Ryan stayed completely immobile looking to the front hoping to avoid eye contact.

Margaret chuckle, "you are very cute i can see why Dolores chose you" She move a little, opening the space between them."I won't do anything to you so please be at ease"

Her voice was still rough but the tone was so motherly and gentle that Ryan began to relax letting his tense shoulders rest.

"I will answer any question you have" Margaret said with a smile.

"Am i a vampire?" Ryan almost shouted the question the moment margaret finished talking

She chuckle once more before responding "yes, you are"

Ryan looked down, the answer was no surprise but still depressed him.

"Don't be so gloomy it's not as bad as it seems, besides there still a lot you want to know, am i right?"

She was right, there were many question Ryan wanted an answer to but he didn't know where to start, after a little reflection he sorted the most pressing ones.

"Who are you exactly?"

"My name is Margaret i'm 100% human and not only i'm the manager and owner of this club but an adept mage and servant of Dolores the vampire"

Ryan didn't question this, if vampires existed why not magic and other creatures, so he continue the questions with more pressing questions.

"Where is the woman that transform me, Dolores?"

Margaret paused for a moment, her face changed from the warm smile she was keeping to a serious look. "Probably killed along the others" she answered in a dry tone.

The ambience of the room had made a complete 180 from the last question. Ryan was totally confused as more question started to surge but he manage to remain calm and started thinking; "The others must be the suited man but who or what killed them and why".

His thoughts were interrupted by margaret voice, "I don't know who did it but in know why" she paused "She was considered a criminal among many factions, the New york area is a neutral zone, single individuals might be overlook but a group of eight vampires actively hunting humans can't be ignore"

Ryan was intrigued about all Margaret just said, but had to put it aside for other questions.

"Do you know anything about what happen last night?"

"Your memory must not have recover yet, when someone is transform they don't have any blood, because of this they get very violent as if they were a feral animal desperate for food" Margaret stopped as she look at Ryan's trouble face. "You won't go berserk again it's a one time thing" she smiled at him and continue from where she left "Dolores gave you her blood to make you a full vampire but it wasn't enough and you stormed out"."Before the others could feed from that night's prey the enemy attacked killing everyone but didn't have time to hunt for you as port security called the firefighters". "They didn't even had time to hide the human bodies"

"Wait, you were at the warehouse?"

"No, i went there this morning and used some mind spells so they would let me investigate. I was hoping to get some answers myself."

Ryan felt a cold sensation,e from fear to this unknown foes but his thoughts were cut short by Margaret words.

"Now is your turn to answer, what's your name?"

Margaret's question caught him by surprise, he didn't notice that he still hasn't introduced himself.

"I'm Ryan" he spoke as he lower his head in embarrassment

"Ok Ryan, what are you planning to do"

"I don't know"

"Then you shall stay here" Margaret declared full of enthusiasm. She move her head and a wooden door appear out of thin air between the decoration of the wall behind Ryan.

"When you enter the first room to the left would be yours"she continue. "The sun has already risen, please rest a little while i close the club, we will continue later over some food"

Ryan didn't know what to do, why was she helping him, was Margaret been charitable or she had an ulterior motive, she seem to be sincere but he couldn't be sure.

Margaret stood from the sofa and made her way to the door leading to the catwalk, before she could open it a sudden shout stopped her.

"WHY!" Ryan stop for a moment and recompose himself. "Why are you helping me? Or you want something from me or…."

"It's my duty" Margaret loudly spoke, stopping Ryan. "As Dolores servant i must help the one she turned into a full vampire".

Ryan was speechless at those words.

"We will continue later" Margaret said as she left the room smiling.

After taking a moment to understand everything that just happened he decided to trust Margaret. Ryan stood and went through the newly generated door

He open the wooden door which led him to a corridor which size was not much bigger than a utility closet. The rectangular corridor had 5 identical door beside the one Ryan came through, in front of each a thin silk courtine adorned them. Each door had a different color courtine, the first one to the left was the only colorless.

"so, this is my room" Ryan mutter to himself while drawing the transparent curtain to enter.

The room was very simple but full of strange decoration similar to the ones in the office, aside from those there was a bed and a desk. The place seemed to be a guest room.

Taking Margaret's advise, Ryan drop himself over the bed's white sheets, the fluffy of it let his body sank in it. He felt as if years had passed since the last time he was that comfortable. Still he couldn't relax, his eyes wide open as he was thinking about all that had happened.

"Maybe i should return home" he mutter to himself. Immediately Ryan scrap that idea, "Better stay here for now, no one will notice i'm gone for a while"

Once more he remember parts of what happened last night, the fear, the despair and... those women. He recall what Margaret said, they were that night's prey but no one feed on them, Ryan sighed in relief, he didn't attack them. Still as a vampire he would need blood eventually and he must accept that.

"I can't do that" he said biting his lips.

Killing someone for their blood, just the idea made Ryan feel like a parasite. He started thinking about other possibilities, maybe he didn't have to kill them but he still needed to attack them. He could use package blood or a substitute. He would think about it once he knows more about his new body.

He was no longer human but apart from more strength and heightening of his senses he was feeling completely normal. As if he was still human, he was breathing, felt his heart pumping and still had warmth in him.

"Maybe being a vampire is not that bad as long as i remain myself."