You look like the type of person who doesn't scare easily. Probably seen a lot of scary movies and think that you can face anything without even flinching. A lot of people think that until they actually come face to face with fear itself.

That probably sounded a little dramatic, but you'll understand once I'm done. Do you have a couple of minutes to spare? Because I'm going to share a little story that's kind of well known around here. This is the story of "him."

There's an Elementary school a couple of streets away from here. I'm sure you've even driven by it already. The school still runs and a lot of children go in and out of it everyday. However, you'll never find anybody staying there longer than they have to. That's because the school has an old story that everybody's heard over the years.

People say that the school is a very different place once everyone has left. The brightly decorated walls and floors disappear as shadows consume them. Sounds of schoolchildren and workers moving about are replaced with empty silence. You would think that the place had been abandoned years ago.

Now this wouldn't be much of a story if this was all there was to it. I mean, doesn't every building get really quiet once everyone has left? And that's what makes this so unusual. Nearly every location is left silent, except for one.

There's a hallway that's infamous around here. It's the hallway where a girl named Emily was killed. Emily was an Elementary student who seemed to be fond of a girl named Aria. Aria was an odd girl who had moved in from somewhere far from town. She came to school every day wearing the nicest clothes and spoke to nobody else, except Emily.

All the teachers knew Aria and Emily as the inseparable pair. They were always together and would always find a way to be with each other. But this is where things get strange.

Apparently, Aria had a friend that she spoke to. A friend she claimed to see whenever she was lonely. Now you're a fool if you think I understand what the girl was going on about. Perhaps it's the wild imagination of a child.

So Aria told Emily that her friend wanted to meet Emily. Being the cheery girl she was, Emily gladly accepted and followed Aria. The details after this are strange. What happened is a mystery, but Emily was reported as missing the next day. Teachers and staff told students to be on the lookout for her. Police were involved and some parents even made sure to keep their children away from the school until everything was solved.

You have to understand that this little town is fairly boring most of the time. We almost always know where everyone is, so having one of our citizens missing is enough to cause a panic.

Emily was later found stuffed in one of the lockers after a student complained of the stench. The teacher who opened the locker says that he still has nightmares about what he say. Emily's neck had been snapped and chunks of her skin looked like they'd been burnt. It's said that her stench was so foul that it caused people to vomit right then and there.

Naturally, Aria was questioned about what happened. The reports say that she showed no sign of emotion. She just stared right at the police with a blank face.

According to Aria, Emily had not taken kindly to her "friend." When asked who the friend in question was, Aria looked away and said nothing more. Aria disappeared shortly after that. Her house had been emptied and her parents had left without word. What became of them is a mystery, but the house still stands to this day.

Five months passed after the death of Emily and people were slowly starting to calm down from the hysteria that it had caused. A couple of high school students broke into the school after hours one night. They vandalized most of the school but stopped when they reached the hallway.

The boys said that there was a shadowy man wearing a top hat at the end of the hallway. They couldn't see any signs of a face, or skin, or anything else that made something human. It was just a shadow staring at them. The boys panicked at the sight of this thing and started to turn the other way.

One of the boys claimed to hear distant giggling as the shadow man began to slowly walk towards them. Each footstep became increasingly loud along with the laughter. The hallway behind him would light up with every step. One of the boys claimed that you could see blood splattered along the floor. Next to it was the corpse of a girl. Her neck had been twisted, but the boys could see her glassy eyes still wide open, and her mouth continued to move as she laughed away.

You can bet that those boys got out of there as fast as their legs could carry them. Ever since, people have made sure to stay away from that specific hallway after hours. Custodians working late hours have claimed that they can feel the shadow man breathing down their necks. Other people have said that a girl wearing a dress sometimes accompanies it.

I pray that you never find yourself meeting "him."