Chapter 1: Falling

A spark of pink energy burst into orbit around the planet. It shined a bright light from a rainbow above in the darkness of space. As darkness fell, Jed was awakened into the Rainbow World. A place filled with color, magic, love, light and harmony. All of the colors lived together to create peace, guided by one rainbow. Dark J was destroyed and all that was left was a tiny pink light, entering a new world. Jed was a fiery pink fairy with pink hair, wings, shorts and light skin that glimmered against the light of the Sun. He was a vibrant spirit, filled with light and love and a passion unmatched by any other being.

His rollerblades carried him across the path next to the lake, pink of course. He loved the feel of the wind in his hair, the air element making his flames rise. The wheels of his blades glided along the cement path, bumping along any cracks or elevations. He looked out over to the lake, the light of the Sun shining on the water. He wondered if there was anyone else in this world besides him. He bladed around the lake to find anyone and eventually came upon a strange beautiful creature. He was holding a fish as he turned around to face Jed. His body was covered in tattoos of monsters and wore black shorts and nothing else. He was a sexy incubus and Jed wanted him. He approached him slowly, gliding along on his rollerblades then walked along the grass to where he was sitting by the water on the ground.

"Hello there." Jed said.

The incubus turned around to face him. "Hey dick licker." He said.

Jed blushed and looked him up and down, admiring his beauty, his short dark hair, scruffy beard and his hot body. His voice was deep and made Jed melt. He was in love and wanted him for himself. He didn't know why he was drawn to him, as he was a demon.

"I'm Jed." He said, sitting down in the grass.

"Andrew." The incubus said, eating the fish he had just caught.

"I think you are very beautiful." Jed said.

"Thanks dude, cute little fucker." Said Andrew.

"Hot fucker." Jed said back.

Andrew just laughed and stood up, throwing away the bones of the fish he had been munching on. Jed was infatuated with him and wanted him bad, but he didn't know if he would like someone like him, all pink and flamboyant. He knew what he had to do to get to him.

"So, are you a top or bottom?" Andrew asked.

"Bottom." Jed lied as he took off his rollerblades.

"So you liked getting fucked?" Andrew asked.

"Yes, and I have a crush on you." Jed said, blushing.

"Cute little fucker." Andrew said, coming in close to Jed.

Jed's heart raced as Andrew put an arm around his waist. He looked deep into Andrew's eyes, feeling overwhelmed with his charm and drawn to him in some mysterious way he couldn't figure out. As Andrew pulled Jed closer, Jed's heart raced inhis chest and couldn't control himself. He wanted him bad, and wrapped his arms around Andrews neck. Andrew leaned in to kiss him, their lips locking, a passion grew inside of Jed. Something he never felt so strongly before. They kissed until the night fell and Jed's pink flame lit up the darkness. Andrew was getting hard and started to leak, precum dripping to the grass below. His dick poked out through his shorts. Jed looked down at his dick and took it in his hands, slowly stroking it back and forth. Andrew moaned and held Jed close.

"Fuck man... don't stop..." Andrew said.

"You like that?" Jed asked, smiling.

"Yea... Now suck me, my little fag." Andrew said, pushing Jed down to his knees.

Jed stroked his hard cock then placed his lips around it, sucking out the precum, letting it drip down the shaft. Slowly Jed went down on his cock, sliding it further in his mouth. Andrew let out a moan as his dick twitched. Jed sucked on him slowly at first, then faster. His incubus meat throbbed in his mouth, feeling the pleasure of Jed's mouth. Andrew moaned as his dick was sucked by the pink fairy, echoing through the lake. The incubus wanted his ass bad now.

"Dude... I want your ass, let me fuck you, fuck my little fag." Andrew said.

"Andrew.. Fuck me, my top guy..." Jed said as he fell backwards onto his back.

Andrew took Jed's pink shorts and took them off, revealing his pink penis. Jed blushed as he reached out to pull Andrew on top of him, their dicks and bodies touching now. Andrew kissed Jed as his hard cock teased Jed's hole. Jed moaned as he felt his dick slowly enter him. "Fuck me Andrew." Jed said, as Andrew's incubus cock goes deeper inside him. Jed moaned as Andrew fucked him, their bodies sliding together, kissing with their arms around eachother. Jed felt Andrew's cock thrust inside him, making him feel elated and loved. He didn't want it to stop and loved the feeling of holding on to him, like he was giving him the confidence he needed to awaken this new flame.

"Cum inside me Andrew... oh baby..." Jed said, moaning intensely.

"Yea buddy, I'm gonna cum..." Andrew said, as his dick throbbed with his seed ready to burst inside Jed.

Jed moaned as his pink hair burst into flames. Andrew's seed came and entered inside the pink fairy, giving him more fire power to awaken. Their bodies just rest relaxed in the grass now next to eachother embracing. Jed looks to Andrew and smiles. Andrew smiles back and kisses him once.

"I love you." Jed said, feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

"I can tell..." Andrew said, not returning the love.

From then on they would flirt and grow a friendship that would only be seen as a deception to Andrew...