The room was too quiet. The kitchen tap dripped with an infuriating mocking tune, as if to laugh at his misfortune. He could feel the tension sliding between them, wrapping them tighter by the second. She stood up and walked to the kitchen, slaughtering the only source of comfort he was clutching on, the rope that he hung on so desperately so as to not drown in the silence they shared. She returned, and sat quietly on the couch again. He squeezed his eyes shut, his head pounding. Why wasn't she speaking? A plea sat on the tip of his tongue, threatening to slip out and paint the air with bitterness.

She cleared her throat and gently laid her hand on his.

"Look, you and I both know this relationship is falling apart."

He bloody damn well knew it was. Angry voices bombarded his mind, confusion and reality stirring up the turmoil in his heart by the second. Grounding his teeth, he attempted to calm his heart. When the drum of his heart had slowed down to a deathly slow calm, he raised his eyes to hers and grinned.

"So what are we gonna do about it?" Immediately, he felt bile rise up his throat as he tasted the lie he spat into the depths of his mind. 'You're fine with this.'

A sharp glint appeared in her eyes as she stared up into his eyes. "I… don't know."

A sour expression started to form on his face as he registered her words, and he pushed it down, replacing it with a blank mask. He laughed awkwardly, untangling his limbs from under him. Scathing hurt washed down his body as another thought chased his emotions around. Before he could stop it, it leapt out. An ugly question glared at her in the air.

"Did you ever feel happy with me?"

A guilty declaration colouring her face was all it needed for the cruel vice around his heart tighten even more, squeezing his harried state of mind to the point where he no longer thought about her feelings. A tight-lipped smile fought for control as he gazed at her with blank eyes, snatching his hand uncomfortably from her grasp. Flexing his fingers with a strange distaste, he let out a wretched chuckle.

"I guess that's one thing we had in common in this relationship. Thanks for giving me an exit out of all this." He watched with odd pleasure as she trembled slightly from his words. Tears brimmed up in her eyes, but rationality had completely disappeared, leaving a harsh persona to take the reins. Stab after stab confronted him, but no longer did he care. He pushed her even more, desperate for control of the situation he was in.

The air turned chilly, false smiles painting their faces. He offered one last snide remark before pushing past her to walk out of the apartment, "And here I thought you didn't care." The metal knob burned his skin, a reminder of her silent sobs wracking her frame. He didn't dare turn back, for fear of letting his facade crumble a little more. The cool air hit him as he stepped out of the apartment, grief poisoning his state of mind as the reality of what had transpired hitting him with no mercy. His throat felt raw from lack of hydration, and he felt a sudden wave of sickness surge through him.

What happened to letting me down slowly?