Chapter 1: Pink Fairy

Once upon a time, there was a pink fairy. He was full of love and passion. He wanted to give his love to a special human. That human,was named Matt. He met him at a dance and thought he was beautiful. So he started talking to him and eventually something special grew between them. Matt took the pink fairy to a special place, a planetarium. Where they danced all night long, their love blossoming and a connection grew deep. Their souls and bodies became one as they danced, giving off an incredible energy. From that day on, they became the best of friends, lovers and so much more.

The pink fairy wanted to show Matt his home, the fairy realm where he came from. Matt accepted and brought a new friend to come along as well. Randy, another human, who was gorgeous, hunky, funny and sweet. The pink fairy showed them his home and all three of them made a special bond. Each of them would be together forever in this crazy world. Matt and Randy then wanted to show the fairy their home and give him a place to stay within their group. They were the Triad Brothers. He also met Kermit, a really sexy human with brown hair and toned body. The pink fairy thought he was a babe. He lived with the brothers and felt a sense of joy, peace and love. Things have never been better.

Matt took the pink fairy to a beach, as passion filled the air. They made love next to the waves, their naked bodies as one coming together. Matt leaned over the fairy, his hands on his lovers body, warm and loving. They were both erect with passion and their dicks touched for the first time. The pink fairy moaned as Matt touched him. His hardened shaft entered his sweet hole. They looked into each others eyes as they made love. Matt's body moving up and down on the moaning fae. His hard cock made the pink beauty fill with a new found flame that he has never experienced before. Their moans were in sync, as were their bodies. They wanted each other and soon Matt's seed would be planted. Their moans grew louder and bodies grew faster. Matt held his fairy tight as he let his seed enter within the cavern of love, giving his lover the power of a fiery passion.

That night, Matt, Randy and the pink fairy all snuggled together on the couch with the fairy in the middle and both humans holding him tight. They were happy and went on many adventures together and made so much love. This was the beginning of a new chapter for the pink fairy. Known as... Jed.