Chapter 7: Orange Centaur

The boys took a trip to the grand canyon. Kermit, Jed, Matt, Ciel and Lydan. Everyone went their own way. Kermit and Lydan went parachuting off the cliff. Ciel went wandering on his own and Matt was upset cause everyone left him behind. Jed was still there, so he changed form into a centaur to give Matt a ride. Matt got on Jed's back and they went galloping around the canyon together. Matt held on tight, his arms wrapped around Jed tight and head on his shoulder. This made Matt feel better and soon they were having a blast, traveling through the canyon together. They forgot about the others and just took the time alone and grow their love.

After the canyon adventure, Jed, Matt, Kermit and Lydan danced upon a hot air balloon high in the sky. Ciel was nowhere to be found, probably exploring the sky somewhere. The boys danced and danced all night. Colorful lights lit up the balloon as they danced. Jed was throwing heart confetti as well. Their bodies made heat as they danced, making them feel horned up. Kermit was taking pictures to show everyone. It was a really fun night.

It was a very sad time, as Ciel told everyone he was leaving. Jed most of all didn't want Ciel to leave and he was crying. Matt hugged Ciel for a long time as Jed sat there on the couch crying his eyes out. "Goodbye Ciel." Matt said. "Bye Matt, I'll miss you." Ciel said. Jed couldn't take it anymore and just left the cottage and flew away into the sky. He sat alone on top of the roof of the new cabin, looking up at the sky. He pondered and thought about all the good times they had together. How could someone just come into his life and leave like that? He thought they made a good connection and didn't want it to go away. Getting close to others hurt, as they always just left him in the end. "Jed" A soft voice spoke from behind him. He turned around to notice Ciel standing there with tears in his eyes. Jed stood up and hovered there for a moment, his heart racing. "Ciel... please don't leave." He said. Jed just stood there shaking, as Ciel walked up to him to give him a huge embrace. They both cried as they held each other. "Goodbye, my friend." Ciel said, as he kissed Jed on the cheek. "I will miss you Ciel." "I will miss all of you." "I love you.." "I love you too, Jed..." Ciel said, as he finally took off into the sky, his wings carrying him through the wind. It was a sad farewell, but Jed was happy he got to know an amazing person...