as the grass was being cleansed from the blood that stained by the water of the summer rain, two beings layed on ground both at the last ounce of their power with their children and followers surrounding them. The oldest three of red eyed beast prepared a spell and speaking in a lounge that is still not dead yet, the wolf eared beast looksed at his own children holding him down both beasts tired and too weak to push them off "my own children !" He laughed as the red eyed one joined in " yes ! I can't believe they have to courage to do so !" Blood dripped from their wrists and created a circle around the two beasts the children of wolf eared one jumped away from their father they were engulfed in blood and the blood turned to spikes stabbing the two beasts turning their blood into ice killing them both.

Natalia was the first to speak " is it done ?" Her brother dimitri smilled " yes dear sister ! " kiril the youngest spoke " no more need to fear the beasts what will we do ?" He looked at the four children of the wolf eared beast " so what will you do next ?" The blue wolf spoke first " I will stay here in the east and start my pack " the black wolf looked to the west and spoke " i will run west as far as i can !" He changed into gigantic wolf and ran with the sin of betraying his only father to follow him to his grave. The oldest sister one looked south " I can't stand the cold ! I will run to the warm south and see what happens!" She ran laughing with joy of being free. The last brother the youngest looked to the north " i will swim across the ocean and find my own path." He ran the white wolf with no sin or joy.

a old man put the book away " that is how our ancestors founded the three clans with the red eyed beast and wolf eared beast killed, their children searched for their own paths." One child looked at the old " what if the red eyed beast returned?" The old man looked at the curios child " well boy it would mean neither the end of our kind or the birth of new vampires but that will never happen the repnin clan and the other two high clans would never procreate !" He rustled the childs hair " now go play with your siblings !" The child had one question left" what happened to their followers ?" The old man thought for a second " the followers of the red eyed beast are now all feral mindless beings while the followers of the wolf eared beast became wolves and after that they pasted away, now go to your siblings Markus !" Markus walked to his younger siblings thinking about what he said.