The void the first day I opened my eyes I was here. The voices speak, I listen to them, I bite anyting that enter where the light comes from that's what I'm here to do.

The walls burn when I touch them, it's a small place but this is the world a dark hollow place, but I controlled it. This is my world and that how it was until.

The box was opened a thing like me, spoke. "Zbiqlja 001 ilpun zlua av aol shi 21" I looked confused what she said I didn't under stand. "I was carried off where was I? What happened to my world?" I thought before, my eyes were blindfolded, what is this disgusting smell? I want to return to my world! Not this horrible space where everything smells like, like nothing.

I was swimming in something I didn't know. I smelled them, these things that smelled good. I started hitting! I wanted to get to the good smelling things! I broke through the thin wall and ran bitting the good smelling things! Tasty tasty things! Threw small rocks at in me really fast but it didn't hurt much before I ripped their arm off. When I removed the blind fold I looked at them and I wanted to stop everyone from leaving, those who saw my eyes did and stopped the others, I devoured all of them. I looked around this place had many others with no life and had sharp teeth like me, but o blood and I wanted more blood! I want to trink blood from them, I want to rule this world like I ruled my old!

Multiple people came wearing metal clothes with fast stone shooter. They looked into my eyes to make them help me leave once I was outside more people with stone shooters tried fire at me but one look and they obeyed killing all those who didn't obey. I reached the outside the silver orb what was this?

I looked at a town in the shadow of the mountain, It smelled good. "YES!" I ran seeking blood.

Authors note: Yea. the eye of vlad.