Hanging on too tight

I've got another headache tonight

Karmic battery empty too

I've been dying over you

One last kiss

My black dress and high top kicks

Maybe it's a lot to take in

I left virtue for you and chose sin

Take you home

Breathe you in

I've paid for this

Reckless infatuation

Double time and record scratch

Hearing your name used to kick my ass

Now maybe it's healed just a bit

But if I saw you again, I know I'd just lose it

Crying for you, I know you're grown

But if I called the shots, I'd let it be known

Like a rocket, hard as steel

I'd stop my heart to make you feel

Some people aren't ever free

I'm as good as I'll ever be

There's a flame in this crystal ball

I'd give you not just pieces but all

I let you see me

Looked you in the eye after we

Fucked in your bed

And it's fucked with my head

I said "I like you,"

You said it back

And there was no lie

I saw it in your eyes

You let me stay while you were in pain

Let me see your vulnerable brain

Told me that you never felt safe,

Always keep a stiff upper lip, and save face

Lie to their face

For appearance's sake

Always the good soldier

Your gravel voice made me smolder

And I fell deeper



Auntie Alice died of cirrhosis

Spilling words, our shared catharsis

She never had a drop

But these thoughts of you won't stop

Don't stop the music

Give, give, give

Turnaround and hard-packed ground

I'd do anything to keep you around

You just want to not feel sad anymore

And here I've been hoping for an encore

You've been driving and striving as fast as you can

I've been trying to forget

This ghost of a man