It was 9:00p.m., in the city, and it was bedtime for the Smith family (Parents: Marv and Anne, and kids John and Mary). Everyone had said goodnight and turned in, though as Mary shut the door to her room and climbed into bed she was edgy and couldn't sleep. 2 hours later, John got up and went for a drink , being careful not to wake the others up and feeling over all bored.

Meanwhile, on the other end of town, a gaolbreak* had occurred, and a notorious robber was now on the loose. Spotting a motorcycle someone had left outside while shopping, he hopped on and used it to try and outrun the cops. He was just about to lose them when he spotted some police cars in an ambush up ahead of him. He swerved into an alley and shot up it before flipping off the motorcycle and into one of the backyards, he lay still as the motorcycle went another 10 metres before toppling over right before the police entered the alley. The crook then got up and surveyed the backyard he had landed in. "Well, well," he said to himself."Looks a nice place." Then, walking carefully and quietly, he approached the house.

Meanwhile, John had finally opened the fridge door (he kept missing it in the dark). When he thought he spotted something in the window, he turned and caught a glimpse of what looked like a face disappearing through it. "That's odd," he muttered to himself. Suddenly, he heard a door opening and footsteps in the laundry."Wow, an actual break in," he whispered to himself. Quickly, and just a little louder than he would have liked, John slipped out of the kitchen, through the lounge and into the bathroom. A couple of seconds later, a shadow passed by and went over to the front door before backtracking and checking out John's bedroom.

Almost silently, John slipped over to the front door. Unfortunately,the intruder heard him, but fortunately, he checked out the bathroom. Next, John slipped into his bedroom while the intruder investigated his parents bedroom. Then, John slipped into the laundry while the intruder was frightened into the lounge by his parents snoring. The intruder, deciding that was what he had heard,then walked into the kitchen and over to the fridge to shut the door, without noticing John walking up behind him working his arms and fists. Well, almost without noticing. The intruder caught a glimpse of a shadow behind him and whirled around, the fight was on. John threw a punch at the intruder but he dodged it. The intruder then picked up a stool and attempted to throw it at John, but he was rather clumsy and John pushed him over instead. John then looked around for something to distract the intruder long enough to run to the phone, but the only thing that met his eye was a cake that his Mum had baked a few hours ago. "Being a hero calls for desperate measures." He muttered, before grabbing it and sticking it in the intruder's face. John then turned to bolt to the phone, but was distracted by the intruder wrenching the cake off his face and letting out a high-pitched female scream.

The scream woke John up from his sleepwalking, nearly causing him to fall over in surprise and disorientation. He looked around and discovered that instead of an intruder, Mary was lying on the floor with a stool on top of her and cake and icing on her face (she had heard John in the kitchen and come to investigate). Then John realised something else. "How come I can see?" He said to himself. The light was on, and as John turned to the kitchen door, 2 grumpy and cross parents piled in.

Meanwhile, outside the crook was doing everything he could to stop himself from bursting out laughing at the spectacle he had just witnessed. "What's so funny?" asked the cop walking up behind him.

*: 'gaol' used to be the original spelling of 'jail'.