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Heather jerked awake.

Am I moving?

"What's going on?" she asked groggily. She was lying on the bed, still chained.

Jennifer leaned down as they moved her, holding some object in her hand. It was transparent and had a tube connected to it. Jennifer put it over Heather's mouth and began strapping it in place. Heather then realized it was an oxygen mask. Her heart thudded and she took deep breaths to calm herself down. Her vision began going blurry and she realized she was about to pass out. They're knocking me out, she realized. "No! Let me go!" she screamed, but the mask muffled her voice.

Then everything went black.


Robert was fuming. Why on earth did Martha insist he go to that meeting? Heather's life was at stake, he had worked out where she was being held – by all rights, he should be going with the OMEGA Strike team that was going to go rescue her. But Martha had ordered him to go to that meeting in São Paulo instead to try and get a lead on the missing plane and the President's son. Robert knew that meeting was important, but still, why couldn't they get someone else? He wanted to go make sure Heather came back safe and sound.

"Attention all passengers. This is your captain speaking..."

The captain proceeded to talk about needing to be buckled up as they were about to take-off. Robert tuned him out as he buckled up and prayed. "Y'hovah, please protect and keep Heather and the Strike team. And have Your Will and Your Way with the meeting and with the rescue operation. Amen."


Martha adjusted her headset. "Joshua, do you read me?"

"Yes, Martha. This quantum cryptography and communication is great. No-one can eavesdrop," Joshua answered.

"What is your status?" Martha asked.

"The plane is ten minutes out of Cold Lake. How's Robert going on that public plane?"

"Reluctant to do go to the meeting. Wants to help out with this operation," Martha reported.

"Understandably," Joshua said.

"Let me know when you land," Martha instructed.


She sighed. She hoped that this was the right location. Robert had noticed that, in the footage, one of the kidnappers had a ring on his finger that had the capitol letter 'J' on it with two small entwined dragons on it. He had to zoom in to notice that detail. And, he said that that type of ring was extremely rare – and it only belonged to the Juuenis family as it was their family crest. The Juuenis family was a thorn in OMEGA's side, had been for years. Martha had set up a private investigation outside of OMEGA that only her, Robert and the person conducting the investigation knew about to find the Juuenis Head Quarters. Before she had sent Joshua and Kate to go get Robert, her investigator had contacted her with the location of their Head Quarters – Cold Lake, Canada. So when Robert had told her what he had discovered, she realized that Heather had most likely been taken to Cold Lake, and told Robert.

She had come up with a rescue operation, and had sent Robert to São Paulo to hopefully find a location on the plane and the President's son. Why were Kate and Heather attacked and Heather kidnapped? It should not be related to the plane investigation as Heather and Robert had only been called in to join in a few hours before the attack. Why else could they have been attacked? What else was going on? She was not a religious person, and, despite being raised in a Christian had never really believed, but right then, she realized that something big was going on and she began praying for them to succeed.