Chapter Two

Hey everyone. As you can see, we updated.

I'm sorry that this one is so short but I promise Dian and I shall make it up to you.

Dian is dealing with matters of a very personal nature and I have 2 projects that I need to complete so the next update might take a while.

Also note that we decided that the story should rotate Point of views "P.O.V's".

Eric's P.O.V

I had such a great dream last night. I was living the life of my video game character. I got to shoot bad guys with shotguns and race Ferraris. It was awesome. Too bad Ben had to ruin it by waking me up. I hate school. I also HATE mornings. Reluctantly, I rolled out of bed. I rubbed my eyes and headed for the bathroom. I turned on the shower and slowly removed my clothes. I could feel that I was still half asleep. I stepped in and felt the warm droplets against my tired body. I didn't have time for a long shower, so I had to settle for a short one.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the nearby rack. I wrapped it around my abdomen and went to the mirror. I wiped it with my hand because it had fogged up slightly. I just stared at my reflecting. I couldn't focus my attention on one thing. My gaze flicked from the water dripping from my longish black hair to my emerald eyes to the small scar on my left cheek to my flat stomach…

As soon as I looked at my stomach, I started feeling insignificant. All the other boys in my class have started getting six-packs; well maybe not Dave. Dave hate's exercise. The only time I see him working out is in Gym Class.

Why am I thinking about Gym Class? It's my worst nightmare. Ron and his gang of jocks always make my school life a living hell. Gym is always when he makes his move.

The bathroom door swung open, tearing me from my thoughts.

"What's taking so long?" Ben said, with a quizzical look in his face and his head slightly tilted.

"A bit of privacy, please." I rolled my eyes, as I shut the door in his face.

"Hurry up; I have a second date to get ready for. I can't sit around waiting for you"

"I'll be ready in five minutes" I growled.

"You better be or I swear to God, I will post your browser history on Facebook" I could hear the amusement in his voice and I could picture his grin in my mind.

"You are never going to let that go are you?"

"And lose the only bit of dirt I have on you, hell no"

"I hate you" I snapped at him after opening the door.

"I love you too, little one" He replied with a huge evil grin on his face. He turned around and headed down the stairs.

I can't believe that I'm the gay one yet he goes on the way he does. I rolled my eyes at the thought. I went to my room and got dressed. I don't really have much of a fashion sense so I just grabbed a pair of jeans, a black hoodie and my favourite sneakers. I dressed as fast as I could because knowing Ben, he's waiting in the car already.