Geneve walked in and took a seat at a far table. The bar was mostly empty except for few scattered regulars. She looked up at the TV on the wall, showing the early news. The anchor cut to a familiar woman being lead out of the courthouse, her head down and flashbulbs popping around her. The headline on the screen said "Killer Teacher Indicted." A server stopped by her table and looked expectantly at her. "Just water, please." she said. He nodded and walked on. She looked back at the TV, it now said "Mob Informant Busted" and showed a mugshot of a weaselly looking man. The bartender reached up to change the channel, and a woman at the bar stood up and walked over to her table.

Pulling out a chair, she sat down and took a drink from her glass. "Mandy said to tell you goodbye." she said after a moment.

"Mandy?" Geneve asked, "Where did she go?"

"She's moving to California. Anders said he knew someone in Fresno."

"You're not going with her?" Geneve tried to recall the woman's name. Did it start with an S?

Taking a handful of peanuts from the bowl in front of them, the woman ate a few, chewing and swallowing before she answered. "I can't keep up with her." she said finally.

"What will you do?" Geneve asked, curious.

The woman – Shelly, that's her name! – gave Geneve a strange look. "You hoping I'll join you? No thanks. I've had enough of that life. There's a salon near me with a opening, I'm going to rent a chair. Regular hours." She ate the last peanut and stood up. "Oh, by the way, Mandy says you can keep the wig." Picking up her purse, Shelly walked to the front door and outside into the night.