Date/Time: Thursday 28th May 2020, 16:33
Location: On my bed, in my room. Wow, in the 7 years I've been writing these pillowbooks, not much has changed in terms of where I sit in my room and where I spend my time, lol. But it's still the only place that I can sit when I'm in my room because since getting rid of my desk in 2017, and gaining an extra bookcase, there isn't any room for a chair. I'm sure if I moved stuff around and got rid of my boxes then I could fit one, but the boxes are the only thing I have in terms of storage for random stuff. I hate having my belongings cluttering up space so I put them all inside boxes.
Mood: Fed up because I have essays to write in place of exams. I just want them to be finished but I can't be bothered to put my mind into writing them and I'm not stressed about them because I couldn't care less about what I get. Well, I don't want to fail but I know I won't. I've written 150 words out of 1000 for one essay, 0 out of 1000 for another and 535 out of 2500 for another. The thing is, the two I've already started are super super easy because my lecturers don't want a crazy amount of references because they're meant to be exams not essays, and referencing enough people is always what I find hardest. Actually writing my ideas down is so easy. Like, the 535 words that I wrote for one essay about stress: I wrote all those words in about 20 minutes but those 20 minutes have been spread throughout the afternoon.
Listening To:
Nothing. There are a couple of trains going past (live near train tracks), every now and then there's a plane (live under the Heathrow flight path) and there are a few kids playing in their gardens. Occasionally my mum has to answer the phone for work. Other than that, just my occasional typing.
I'm gonna be going on a hill walk with my mum in about half an hour, once she's finished work. It will take about an hour and a half, then I'll have to have a shower and dinner and then I can properly start my essays. I could probably finish them all by 10ish if I put my mind to it but I have until midnight technically. The longest essay will actually not take long because 2000 more words will take me a maximum of 2.5 hours. One of the 1000 word essays will take about an hour if I don't faff, and the other may take longer because I haven't done any research for it. Yeah, that could take 2 or 3 hours actually.
Random Thing:
Ice cream van just went past.
Not drinking anything. I don't know why I kept this section. I had a coffee about 2 hours ago, I have a raspberry mojito in a can to drink, which I'll probably drink later whilst I'm doing an essay to get me through it haha.
Fun Fact:
My pointy-down arrow key is broken as well as my space bar now so while I have to bang my spacebar really hard for it to work sometimes, my down arrow gets jammed and stuck pressed down.
Yesterday I:
Got back into doing sudoku because a sudoku youtube video got recommended to me. When I was 7, my mum got me a kids sudoku book with 400 puzzles in it, and as I got into it and then kept getting out of the habit then started doing it again, I took years to fully complete it. I finished it in July 2018. Then I got a new sudoku book, one with 500 puzzles and it was an adult one so it's harder. I did 1.5 puzzles in July 2018 then didn't do anymore. I started doing some yesterday (in order, of course, I have to do them in complete order) and already did 20ish. I actually fucking love sudoku and I didn't realise that some people are really bad at it. I guess cos I've been doing it since I was 7, I'm actually quite quick at them.
Random Thing #2:
Whilst doing sudoku, I can't listen to silence - I have to be doing/watching something else so at the moment I'm watching a random gaming Youtuber do a 100% let's play of Skyrim. I've played Skyrim exactly twice in my life - once at Quinn's, where she really wanted to watch me play to see how good I was (I was awful and killed a dog then got murdered by villagers in Whiterum or whatever it's called) and once when I begged Jake to let me play on his PS4. I managed to kill a troll and he was very surprised and got annoyed that I could do it my first try. It was an accident. That's all but I'm very intrigued by the story but can't play it myself so just watch him doing it instead. To be honest, I like watching other people play video games. Sometimes I watch Jake play them; the other day I spent like 2 hours in his room whilst he played Assassin's Creed.
Fun Fact #2:
That youtuber with the let's play of Skyrim made a playlist of the whole thing and it has 220 videos in it that are 30 minutes each. I'm on part 10 or something. Suffice to say, I have a lot of content to watch if I want to. It's a fun thing to watch whilst doing Sudoku.
Right Now:
I think I might do sudoku until my walk, then do the walk, have a shower, have dinner and finish my essays.