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Taliesin woke to hands on his skin as he lay in the big four poster bed in Nathaniel's room, fingers in his long hair, lips and teeth across his shoulder blade. The sun poured across the bedding, the heat of the day already beginning. He had hoped to avoid this so soon after his master had slacked his lust the evening before, but that did not seem to be the direction things were going. He didn't move, laying still as Nathaniel did as he wished to him, lazily exploring. "Andre arrived in the night, master."

"Oh good." He did not sound surprised. "You let him in then, I assume?" He pulled Taliesin hair away from his face and neck, arranging it to his liking across the pillow.

"Yes master." Nathaniel leaned down and bit his ear, making him gasp as he suppressed a shutter, hot breath running across his skin, more kisses trailed wetly down his neck. A hand snaked around to toy harshly with one of his nipples and he did wince then, biting his tongue as his body went tight and hot. How long had he fought this? A year? A year and a half or more? That was a time that had taken him to the very brink of madness and he struggled to remember it clearly, blurred by blunt pain and extreme confinement. He had liked himself much better before he'd learn to quietly submit, to play tame and compliant, when he'd screamed and clawed and thrown his fury around the room.

"Oh my beautiful darling, roll over onto your stomach." Taliesin shifted from his side to his belly, the feel of the cool cotton calming the churning in his gut somewhat. He spread his legs a little more without being asked, because as loathsome as this was, as much as his face burned with shame and self hate, he knew, oh lord did he know, there were things so much more painful and humiliating that this witch would not hesitate to do to him if displeased. "I did not mention it earlier, because I did not want you to fret."

"Master?" The feeling of alarm at his words was confused and crossed with the feeling of being breached by slick fingers, the initial burn of the stretch as they pumped into him insistently.

"I have to go to London for a few weeks."

"L-London, ma-master?" His voice cracked as Nathaniel ground his index and middle finger against his prostate. He hissed through his teeth, eyes squeezing closed tight enough to make them water. His thoughts scattered for a moment and he felt detachment take over, his mind seeming to float momentarily above his body.

"Knees up." Without thinking, Taliesin pushed himself up, keeping his head down on the pillow, back arching lewdly. He felt the arm around his waist pulling him closer. He still was missing something important from this conversation. Nathaniel didn't travel that often, but it did happen and it shouldn't be something he'd particularly consider an issue for his pet spirit. Because I did not want you to fret. In his master's world that was practically a promise that that was exactly what he would be doing. So what part was he not understanding?

"Such a shame, I can not take you with me this time, my sweetness." There was a hand on his hip, the grip rough. Later there would red marks where his fingers had been.

"What?" The shock made him forget the honorific, but Nathaniel was too distracted to notice, the familiar sharp ache of being penetrated momentary giving Taliesin a sense of vertigo, leaving him mildly nauseous as Nathaniel slide all the way in, filling him up and balls resting against his backside.

He caressed his back as begun a rhythm, hips snapping forward without further hesitation, cock finding its claim on his insides. "But you'll be good for Andre, won't you my darling? My sweet boy."

"Waa?" Panic washed over him. He was panicking a little and that meant he wasn't in control and that was dangerous. Heart still thudding, he forced his body still, willed up as much bright white blankness as he possibly could, mind as smooth and empty as the pillowcase filling his vision, even as he involuntarily gripped the bedding tight enough to make his knuckles bleach of color.

"You like him don't you?" Natheil cooed, picking up speed, fucking him with hard deep thrusts that jolted his body forward, bruising enough that he'd feel it later. "And I do think he rather likes you hmm? You remember don't you, love? How much you two enjoyed playing together?" Nathaniel was reaching between his legs now, grabbing his half hard shaft and stroking it in time with his movements, demanding further sensations from his body as he spoke. No, no, no. Please no. "Taliesin?" He sounded impatient now, bordering on angry. "You remember don't you?"

He swallowed, throat feeling as dry as bones. "Yes, master." It was a whine. He didn't want to come like this, but it was probably better than any alternative that might replace it. "I remember." He wanted to scream, to tear the hair from his head, scrub his skin until it bled. What new degradation was this? How could he do everything Nathaniel ever asked of him and it still came to this? If he had believed a goddamn word of affection from the man, he would have felt betrayed.

"Just treat him as you would me and I'm sure he'll be spoiling you as badly as I do within the week." Nathaniel groaned, his thrusts becoming uneven, breathing labored. He stroked Taliesin more insistently, the grip almost painful. "I rather find I enjoy thinking of the two of you together, my little cosmic entity." He stroked his head idly. "Promise me," There was a threat in his tone as the hand on his head caught up the strands of hair, pulling too hard, making tears well in his eyes. "That you will be good for him, my pet."

"I promise master," he rasped.

He let go. "Good boy. Be sure to save the details for me. I plan to savor them upon my return." Taliesin came silently in Nathaniel's hand, a lurching reluctant pleasure, biting the inside of his cheek until he tasted blood. The witch followed shortly behind him, cock twitching in his ass, slowly rocking in the aftershocks of his orgasm, a squelching, disgusting sensation. He pat his side and pulled out. "Go make coffee."

"Yes, master." Taliesin used the direct order to roll away from the man with haste, retrieving garments and dressing quickly. "Shall I make breakfast as well?"

"Hmm?" Nathaniel spared him a glance, his mind clearly already moving on to other things. "Ah yes, but only if you hurry up. I have to leave for my flight in an hour and you've already put me behind schedule."

Taliesin slunk down the hallway to the kitchen, nerves jangled and mind brooding. If nothing else he had come to rely on the predictability of his life with Nathaniel, dependent on his ability to act for the most part without thinking too much, that soft focus detachment that carried him through most of his days. What the fuck was he going to do with a new witch? A witch that might have an entirely different idea of what complacency in an enslaved spirit looked like?

Despite Nathaniel's musings about Andre knowing him, the truth was that Taliesin had limited their interactions as much as possible over the years, staying out of the man's line of sight and trying to avoid his intelligent, overly curious eye. Nathaniel was formidable on many fronts-he'd bond him against his will and brought him to heel hadn't he?- but he deluded himself when it came to Taliesin, practically did the lying for him sometimes, and he could not expect, could not afford to believe, a second keeper to be so wholly idiotic about wanting to believe he held a true affection for them. No. Fooling Andre was going to most likely be a lot of fucking hard work.

He stopped in the doorway, taking in the broad shouldered figure, shirtless in a pair of low slung sweatpants. He dropped to his knees, casting his eyes downward. There was already the smell of coffee, the sound of the peculator working. "Sir," he said softly, suddenly wishing he had asked to wash and brush his hair before being tasked with going to the kitchen. He stank of sex and he found it embarrassed him.

"Oh. Taliesin." He sounded surprised to see him. "Uh, goodmorning. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you." He kept his eyes trained to the floor, concentrating on the feel of the polished hardwood on his knees. "Sir if it please you, my master sent me to make breakfast."

"Oh yes of course." He gave a brief nod. "Please do whatever you need to. Am I in the way? I put on some coffee. Strong like Nat likes it. Do you drink coffee?" He could only imagine what Nathaniel would do if he found him in his kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee before he'd even served him his breakfast. The idea of it practically made him giddy.

"No thank you, sir."

"Alright," he said affably enough. "But please do stand. You don't need to do that for me. I'm not your master." Taliesin watched him a moment longer from under his eyelashes, trying not to scowl. The sentiment was all fine and good, though he hardly put much stock in its implications, but he sure as shit would appreciate him not saying things like that within earshot of his actual master.

He rose, aware that he was being watched, his skin prickling. "Please do sit, sir. Perhaps I could get you the paper?"

By the time Nathaniel came downstairs, dressed in a grey three piece suit that was far too heavy for late spring in New Orleans, Andre was at the kitchen table reading The Times-Picayune and Taliesin was finishing up two plates of bacon and pain perdu with butter and syrup.

"Ah, Andre, my dear, you're looking well." Andre stood to greet him and Taliesin took the opportunity to put food and Nathaniel's cup of coffee on the table unobserved, quickly retreating to to kneel on the cushion in the corner kept there for that purpose. "I'm glad that you're here and I apologize for having to leave before we've had a chance to properly catch up. Perhaps lunch at Commander's Palace when I return hmm?"

"Sounds delightful." Andre sat, eyes darting around the room, frowning as they landed on Taliesin briefly.

Nathaniel chuckled. "Don't look so apprehensive. You'd think I was leaving you with my pet hyena. Taliesin's obedience is impeccable and I have ordered him to follow your instructions without hesitation."

"Well I'm not sure how necessary that is. I don't need a servant, Nat."

"Ah, ah, ah," Nathaniel tisked, pointing an admonishing finger. "Don't be silly. You misunderstand his nature. Once tamed, spirits are happiest serving their witch. Don't confuse him by denying him his purpose. Here." He pulled the gold stopwatch from his pocket and slipped it across the table. Taliesin, held completely still, his stomach churning as he tasted bile in his mouth. There were few things in this world that he hated more imthan that watch. "He is locked to this so I do not recommend you take it from the house. However, should you wish to send him on short tasks you can always set the timer and he will be released for that duration." He indicated the correct settings and Taliesin flinched, his body shivering as Nathaniel demonstrated how it worked and the cool trickle of magic ran through him. "Perhaps it's a bit more restrictive than some, but the nature of his magics means he is settled most comfortably with a lot of structure."

Andre picked up the watch, cradling it in his palm and staring at it pensively. "Alright. What else do I need to know? Does...does he eat?"

"Taliesin is permitted meals after he has completed his assigned tasks. But you are welcome to ask him for clarification on anything you like. He, afterall, knows all the rules. I really do not anticipate any trouble." There was a knock on the front door and Nathaniel took one more bite of his meal before patting his mouth with a napkin.. "That would be for me. My dear, I am only a phone call away should you need anything. Please make yourself at home." He turned his head slightly towards his spirit. "Taliesin go fetch my bags from upstairs and see to it that they are given to the driver."

When Andre shut the door and they were alone in the house he turned and gave Taliesin an appraising look. He hovered there in the doorway between the front parlor and the hall, unsure if he should disregard the man's earlier statement and kneel anyway. Had Nathaniel convinced him of at least that bare adherence to discipline? "I'm sure you'll miss your master, but I will do what I can to keep up your routines. If there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable please bring it to my attention. If you hadn't noticed, I don't really know how this stuff works."

Taliesin blinked at him blankly, a riot of thoughts and emotions rolling through his head at a speed too confusing to sort out with an audience. "You are very kind, sir. Thank you."

"Would now be a good time for you to come have breakfast?"

"If it pleases you, sir." In actuality he was too unmoored by the mornings events to want to eat anything at all, his stomach long ago turned sour. He would give anything to be dismissed, to flee like a startled cat and lurk in some anonymous section of the house away from the watchful gaze of his temporary master.

"Come on then." He trailed after Andre with apprehension, Nathaniel's come, still unwashed from between his legs was starting to dry and itch. "What would you like to eat? You'll have to tell me what you prefer for meals for the next time I go to the store."

"This is fine, sir." He quickly took the initiative to collect Nathaniel's leftovers and take them to his cushion on the floor, bending his head to the task of finishing what was left. Andre stood there watching him a moment, seeming unsure of himself.

"Oh uh. Do you normally eat there like that?"

Taliesin allowed himself to look up and perhaps, by fractions, he let his eyes convey a portion of what he was thinking. Are we seriously going to have this conversation again and again about everything I do, because the answer is always going to be yes. Why the fuck else would I be down here? "Yes, sir," he said neutrally.

"Ok." There was another hesitation. "Well if you don't need anything else, I might take a run before it gets too hot?" He phrased almost as a question, one Taliesin was wholly unequipped to answer.

He swallowed, feeling as if a piece of bacon might be logged in his throat. He didn't entirely seem to be doing it on purpose, but this witch was breaking his brain. "Do you need anything else, sir?" he asked rather helplessly.

"No. I'm sorry. Please finish your meal. We'll talk later."

"Thank you, sir." He stayed kneeling, waiting until he could hear footsteps on the stairs before standing. He threw what little was left of his breakfast away, making quick work of the dishes. With any luck, he could have the kitchen clean and then make himself scarce, possibly avoiding crossing paths with Andre for at least the better part of the morning. After that, he'd have to take things as they came.