Hello everyone. My partner and I have come up with a new story. We will be sticking to the usual Vampire Genre that we LOVE.

Also this story will be rotating P.O.V's every chapter.

The first chapter is written in the third person.

This story will be written into, by my estimate, twenty small chapters.

Vampire House

Chapter One

Vicky Valerius was a 16 year old rich girl living in a small town. She attended a normal high school. Being a vampire, in a world that is just starting to accept that monsters exist, didn't win her many friends. Many people criticise her about all the bright colours that she wears. They say that vampires are meant to wear black. Vicky looks nothing like people's ideas of vampires. She has long blond hair with blue eyes. She loves colours a lot.

"So how was school today?" Vicky's mother, Anna, asked around the dinner table.

"It was fine, I guess" Vicky said with a shrug.

"My day was great. I ran across my classroom in a second!" Max, Vicky's 10 year old brother, yelled with excitement.

"It's called vamping, son" Andy, Vicky's father, said with an amused smile on his face.

"I feel so proud to know that I'm raising two beautiful, strong vamplings" Anna said, with a big smile.

"Max, wait till your strength kicks in. No will dare to bother you with anything…"

"Vicky!" Anna scolded.

"I spoke to your uncle Terry recently…" Andy said, clearly trying to change the subject.

"What did he say?" Vicky asked, with an eye roll.

"He and Martha decided to move here. I offered them rooms in our manor"

"Is Uncle Terry coming to visit?" Max asked, surprised.

"Yes. They're going to stay here for a while too"

"Does that mean that they're bringing Lucien and Damien with them?" Vicky asked with a scowl.

"Of course. Damien is Terry's son and Lucien is Terry's stepson." Anna said.

"Yay! Cousin Damien is coming!" Max joyously exclaimed.

"Oh God, please tell me I don't have to spend time with Lucien" Vicky rolled her eyes.

"Victoria Veronica Valerius…" Anna said, glaring at her daughter. Vicky knew she was in trouble now. Whenever her full name is used, it normally means trouble for poor Vicky.

"You will treat Lucien as a guest and show him around. Am I understood?" Andy said with a menacing voice.

Vicky nodded. She and Lucien had nothing in common. She simply knew that this was going to be tough...

That's the first chapter done and dusted. I really hope that you have found at least some enjoyment in this chapter, because to me the beginning of a story is my least favourite part. Too much explaining to do.. blah...blah...

Next chapter will hopefully be better.