In the dark, they listened to the voices with smiles on their faces, staring at the house across from them, and the people within.

"What the fuck is this?" Amy said.

"Who did this?" Dion asked, the oldest out of all them, and the one who owned the house they were sitting in.

"Why would any of us write this shit?" Darlene asked, sounding more sober than the others.

"We shouldn't stay here," Josh said, a scrape of a chair could be heard as the first began to panic.

"It said we shouldn't leave," Dion muttered.

"And," Tabitha said, "it said we shouldn't stay."

The clink of glass and Amy's annoyed voice could be heard from the phone, "I already called a cab. I'm leaving, you guys can stay and get killed, but it's not how I want to end my night."

"Same," Lucy said.

"This is inconvenient," Darlene remarked, a chair scraped on the floor, "I'll walk."

"You're walking? I called a cab, why not come back with us?" Amy asked.

"If we're being threatened, we all shouldn't be together at once. I'll head home on my own."

"Keep your phone on you," Josh said to her.

"I'll be fine," Darlene said. After a moment, the door opened, and she walked out and they watched her as she almost tripped going down the stairs.

Out of the four of them, one split off after Darlene. And they kept their distance from her, and noticed she was on her phone the entire time. He didn't know what she was doing, but she stopped under a burned out street light. She turned off her phone and continued walking.

He followed her signal, but noted something odd. It stopped, and as he drew closer to it, and Darlene disappeared around a corner up ahead. He was under the burned out street light, standing in its darkness, he turned on his torch and found her phone lying in the grass.

Curious, he picked it up, turned it on and checked its contents. Everything was gone, and when he tried to look more in depth to it. He couldn't find anything that could tell him about this particular target.

The phone itself was obviously used for maybe a year and half by the scratch marks on the screen and on the sides of it. Except what he found inside made the phone look as if it were brand new, never used by anybody, there was not even a cellphone plan and no registrations.

He called his friend who was watching the cameras around the city. "Find where Darlene went too, she should be somewhere in the vicinity." He walked down the road, listening to his friend typing into his computer.

"She crossed the street five minutes ago, and now she's sitting in a fast food restaurant, eating at a booth."

"She's eating?" he asked, amused.

"Yeah…wait...something's wrong...when I tried to move closer, the screen began to glitch out, it's fuzzy around her face...she's gone."

"What do you mean 'gone'?" he asked, walking faster.

"I don't think she was there...she looked at the camera and disappeared."

What was going on?

They planned this out, knew how they were going to deal with this group of people. Watch them squirm and scream before they die. The video they would use to record the events would be sold, and they'd get money for their hard earned work. Easy. This was not part of the plan, these people weren't meant to have the upper hand, at least not one of them who out of the group, seemed less inconvenient.

"I found her again. I don't know why, but she's interfering with the camera somehow...She's gone, again."

"What about the others?" he asked.

"They're not picking up either...I tried calling them, but none of them won't answer, and when I looked for their signal, it says they're in different countries."

"What the hell is going on?" he asked, annoyed by the events that were happening, and he wouldn't lie that he was angry, but also worried.

The line to his friend went dead, and he received a message from an unknown person. Opening it, he read what it said, and a disturbed chill ran along his skin.