The Midnight Saga: Zack & The Princess of Night

Prologue: The story of the Lost Princess

I remember an old story my mother would tell me before I went to sleep. I begged, and begged her to tell me it every night she tucked me in. It was a simple story, but it could be strong if told correctly, normally this story wouldn't be told to children however my mom was not like most parents. She told me unique stories time after time, some about scary true stories, others of Greek mythology, even one time about epic battles from famous people. She always drove it in me that I should tell stories and they all hold lessons.

But there was one story I seemed to remember more than others, one that I didn't understand because she never really had hinted that this story had a lesson to be learned at all. It was just a story to entertain, and that was out of the norm even for my mother. But I loved it, I asked her to tell me it every now and then, the story of the "Lost Princess of the Night".

The story went along about a princess, running away with her butler and maid, the two were running from her parents, they needed her for something, but never did she explain what. This princess was a monster, like a creature of the night, but she looked like any other girl. Sadly, the world knew of these monsters and she would be hunted down if she got caught by other humans. She was unwanted, unloved by parents or the world. That feeling of loneliness was what made her cold inside. This princess was kept away, locked and confused. I felt so sorry for this princess, it tugged at my heart and I grew to have a crush over this fictional story. I grew with that story in my mind as I never knew why she told me that story.

But what I did know was that it must have meant something to my mother. She would tell me that story, while looking out to my window, and stare after she was done telling me the tale. She would explain how loved the princess was before being taken. That she was taken for her own sake and how she might have wanted someone to save her.

I wished for a princess like that to be real, to be the knight in shining armor to save her from this loneliness. Reality shot that down quickly though as my mother explained no princesses existed but I still held onto that childlike hope. And I remember the story, she loved that story and so did I.

The story of the Lost Princess.