I can still kinda see your appeal

But I'm not sure that I can deal

With the silent treatment when

I might make you mad, and then

I'll get radio silence and I'm back to feeling

What will I need to begin healing?

Am I going to walk on glass

And tone down the sass

Will I suffer again and feel my heart race

A sinking in my stomach and a heat in my face?

Should I feel scared of losing you

Thinking of what you could do

To cut me out or block and defriend

Over something truly not intended to offend?

Things aren't easy, it's true

But friends don't leave each other without a clue

How can I recover?

What else about you will I uncover?

I thought you were quickly becoming a necessity

But obviously that was just a fantasy

I don't know you well enough to say

Honestly it could go either way

But this wound is fresh and bloody

And apparently the water's muddy

I'm having serious doubts

And it's looking like I might be out

How can I sit here like this

And pretend that wasn't heartless?

As much as it hurt you

It was incredibly hard for me too

I once swore to myself,

Through running water and tears

Swore by all that I held dear

That I refuse to consent to feel that way

It was a year ago almost to the day

I felt it to a lesser extent

And I really almost sent

A message saying what I feel

Was anything we talked about even real?

A million curve balls, like a record going round

Winding up to toss like a pitcher on the mound

Indecision, making space

How can I forget or erase

What happened here with us

And can I honestly trust

These events have me reeling

Escalation, there's no ceiling

To this doubt

It's not what I'm about

Having thoughts fade

And my mind might be made

Unless something changes

And my heart rearranges

We'll never be very good friends

And this is where it ends