Princess Anna, of the European nation Dulcina, was visiting the US for trade negotiations. A party was held in her honor, and I was asked to be a part of the security detail. She was as charming as she was beautiful, and we became fast friends.

The party was held outdoors-it being summer—around the swimming pool at the Palm Court Hotel.

It was 8:30PM, and she was due to give a speech at 9:00. People were milling about, talking and enjoying the free food and drink. The princess was standing close to the pool, talking with some people.

Suddenly, I saw a bald man pull out a gun! He aimed it at the princess.

I had to act fast. I ran over and grabbed her, and we tumbled into the pool together!

This caused a commotion, of course. People walked to the side of the pool and stared it us. Some even laughed.

"Jenny, why did you do that?"

"I'm sorry, Anna. A man just tried to shoot at you!"

I pointed him out. He had, by now, put his gun away.

"That's the Viscount Igor Corsege," she said. "He is one of my biggest enemies. If he ever came to power, he would turn Dulcina into a military dictatorship!"

Meanwhile, the Viscount walked to the side of the pool. "Let me help you out, my Princess."

I whispered something to her, and she nodded. She and I waded over to him. We each grabbed his arms and pulled him into the water!

I began wrestling with him, in the water. The princess helped me. After a few minutes, we were able to subdue him, and I was able to get his gun.

"This man just tried to kill me," said the princess.

We got out of the pool. Security led away the viscount.


Princess Anna went ahead with her speech, at 9:00:

"Good evening, my friends. As you can see, I'm a little bit wet, and I've also lost my shoes! That's because of a little incident, earlier this evening. One of my enemies tried to kill me, and I was saved by the quick thinking of Jennifer Mason, better known as Barefoot Jenny."

The audience cheered. I was standing beside her, and we hugged.

"Aside from that little incident, it's been a pleasure staying in your wonderful country, and I look forward to negotiating a trade deal with the United States.

"But right now, I'd like to get out of this wet dress!" The audience laughed. "So I'll go to my hotel room, change clothes, and rejoin the party, in a few moments. Thank you."

The audience cheered.


Sadly, the Viscount had diplomatic immunity, and couldn't be prosecuted for his murder attempt. So he was quickly escorted out of the country.

The princess Anna concluded a trade agreement with the United States. She and I often email each other. She wants me to come out to Dulcina and visit her, and I plan to do it some day.