Just my luck! The first class of the day is my least favorite class! I can't believe that I actually had to live through one hour of math first period! You think I'd be over it by the middle of the year. oh well, at least my all my best friends are in the same class. How often does that happen?

I wondered into the classroom with an annoyed expression on my face. I saw all four of my friends in the back in a small group all alone. I hurried over there as fast as I could without actually running.

"I can't believe they put all five of us int he same class." Rene said.

She and Lizzy, short for Elizabeth, are considered the smarties of the group. They always seem to know exactly whats going on.

"Well, if they wanted to put us in a class together, they couldn't have picked a better one." Loren said with a funny looking smirk on her face.

"Why is that?" I asked.

Loren is the kind of girl that no one wants to mess with. WHen she was in third grade every kid in the school was afraid of her. It was said that she beat up the largest kid in the fifth grade. Imagine having that reputation. Going around for the rest of your life being known as the guy who got beat up by a girl half his size.

"It's the perfect class to talk through. My brother had this teacher last year. He said if you're really nice to her, she won't bug you about not talking." Loren answered still with that lovely smirk on her face.

"How absolutely perfect." Marie said with a similar smirk. Marie isn't like Loren like most people think. She's more like me. Kind and thoughtful and smart, but not the kind of smart that gets you the reputation of being a nerd. We like to call ourselves average.

"Class may I please have your attention up on the board." Miss Dramely said as soon as she walked through the door. She talked with a high squeaky voice that no one seemed to like.

"I can't believe we're going to have to listen to that annoying voice all year." I whispered to Loren.

"You're telling me." She answered back in a not as quiet voice. The teacher turned around and all she saw was five innocent looking teens smiling at her.

Some people liked to call us the suck-ups because whenever we were about to get in trouble all we had to do was smile and it always worked, no matter who the teacher was. I've seen others try it but they always end up with a thirty-minute detention.

Anyway, that class seemed to pass very quickly because it seemed like two minutes later the bell rang telling me I have eight minutes to get to english. I did the routine "good-bye" and "see you later" and then I was off to a not as bad class with Mr. Gregory in the "Fabulous world of words" as he always says. English was my best class next to band. I didn't love english, I was just good at it. Anyway, I guess I got into it because it was over in a flash. Actually, all my classes went by really fast up until lunch. As soon as the bell rang, I rushed out the door and wondered down the hall to the drinking fountain in front of the bathroom. We always meet there after fifth period.

As soon as Lizzy got there we moved as fast as we could to get in line for lunch. Today, they were having everyone's favorite, pizza! And if you didn't hurry there was a big chance that they would sell out. Fortunatly, we got there in time and we were able to get the last few pizzas. We then found a seat in the nice and cool shade of a giant oak tree. Or at least I think it was an oak tree. Who cares? That's not the point.

As we were sitting in a circle munching on our pizza, Loren reminded me that I have a science test in Mrs. Sanders class. And then Marie asked me what we were doing in P.E. I laughed when I saw her face when I told her we were playing baseball.

Marie's dad is a little league baseball coach but he doesn't act like he coaches little league. He treats thoughs poor little kids as if they were pro-baseball players. When Marie was younger, her dad made her sign up for baseball and she suffered through some pretty embarrassing events. After the time she hit the other teams couch on the head with the ball, her dad said she could quit. She hasn't played baseball or softball since.

"Hey Rachel! Do you want to come over to my mom's store after school? We could go get icecream or something." A voice from the distance yelled.

"Oh no." I said putting my face in my hands. Eventually, Scott Withman was standing next to my back-pack.

"Oh hi Scott" I said trying to be nice and putting a fake smile on my face while the others tryed to hide their giggles.

Scott was my neighbor that had the largest crush on me since the third grade. I say he needs to get out more. Ever since he met me, he has followed me around trying to get me to go out with him.

"Umm... sorry Scott. I have cheerleading practice after school and I have a lot of homework. Sorry." It wasn't exactly a lie. I did have cheerleading practice after school but I didn't have that much homework.

"I could help you. With your homework I mean. I'm really good at math!" He said looking proud of himself.

"I don't think so." With that he wondered over to his friends with a disappointing look on his face. It's not like I could have gone out with him anyway. I already had a very loyal boyfriend and I'm not the kind of girl that likes to two-time.

It was as if he was reading my mind because at that exact moment, Justin walked his way up the small hill we were seated on. Along with Nick and Matt, Loren and Marie's boyfriends, he sat down with us.

"Is that Scott guy bothering you again? That guy really annoys me. He knows he can't have you but he doesn't mind trying anyway. Do you want me to go over to him and give him a piece of my mind?" Justin had said.

"No!" I said as soon as he was about to stand up. If there was something I hated more then Math then it was fights. I can't stand the sight of blood.

Once when I was little I fell of my bike, like most beginners do, and got a really sierous cut on my upper right part of my forehead. As soon as I saw the blood on my hand, I fainted. I had to get five stitches for that stupid cut. So basically, I don't like blood.

Justin then put his arm around me and kissed me gently on the cheek. I loved it when he did that. It made me feel so warm inside. Thank-you Mr. Principal! I had my last class with him. And even better, it was my favorite teacher who put him right behind me in the row furthest away from the teacher.

As soon as the bell was heard, Justin helped me off the ground and we said good-bye to our friends. It was a short walk to the classroom so we walked at a steady pace, holding hand and talking about after my cheerleading practice and his football practice, we'd go and try to catch a movie that would end at a time before curfew so my mom wouldn't flip out over me being late.

About halfway through the class, I had this terrible feeling that something was going to happen. I found myself up at the teacher's desk asking for a bathroom pass.

I started to walk toward the bathroom just around the corner. I started out slowly and then getting another strange feeling, I started to walk faster. I was now almost in a run when i stopped. I stopped so suddenly I almost fell over.