Rachel's POV

All was really quiet as I slowly awoke. The image of the room slowly filled my head.

"Where am I?" I thought out loud. What surprised me was that there was an answer.

"You're in the nurse's office." A familar voice said. Suddenly I remembered what had happened.

"Where's Loren?" I asked Justin. I was starting to remember every detail of the horrible experiece.

"She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance that came for her." I realised that I still had my eyes closed and I kept them closed, not wanting to see another disappointed face.

"It's not going to help." I said slowly.

"I know." Then I really wanted to open my eyes. Seeing his face usually made me happy and I hoped it would do the same now. But as I did, those usually cheerful eyes were red and puffy and I knew that he had been crying.