Once upon a time there was a Black Kitten-Boy named Kevin. He lived in Dahlia, which was sort of the 'Beverly Hills' of Mizzer. Another Humanimal Cub lived in Dahlia in the Mythical District (Which is sort of apart from all the other districts) A Green Fire Dragon-Girl named Emerald. She was four years younger than Kevin

But far away from Dainty Dahlia in the land-locked portion of the Western Mizzer Continent, was the underground Insect town of Dirtberg who lived far and away from the Vertebrates because they were deemed too 'ugly' for the light of day. One of them was a Dung Beetle named Beulah.

None of these three young Humanimals knew it yet but they would be destined save their Fellow Mizzer Humanimals and become great heroes!

Let's return to Kevin again, Kevin was born a Kitten with a lot of imagination. When he was a toddler he would often be plunked down in front of the TV to watch cartoons while his Folks did things like cook, clean and make phone calls as Kevin watched his head filled with ideas...More than anything he wanted to be a hero like the kind he saw on TV!

Meanwhile his folks were concerned with full, boring adult things like gossiping with the neighbors about other neighbors and keeping the front yard and back yard perfectly trim and tidy, that sort of thing.

But for Kevin all those adult things seemed so far away, his dreams were filled with adventures of all kinds.

As Kevin grew older he soon had to attend school, like all Humanimal Cubs on Mizzer. Every Humanimal District has its own school. Domestic Cats only meet Fellow Domestic Cats, and Domestic Dogs meet other Domestic Dogs only, but all the other Districts have a mixture of species.

The Livestock District has Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Goats all in the same classroom, and the Woodland Mammals District has Wolves and Foxes sharing a classroom with Deer and Rabbits and of course the Bird Districts and Reptile/Amphibian Districts lumped all the Birds and Reptiles/Amphibians together.

Why was it this way? When any young cub asked this question the usual reply was usually /It was decided this way a long time ago, since then it has always been this way.'

If the cub would question further or complain how that answer didn't really answer the question at all, the cub would earn a stern rebuke for their impertinence that was the way of things for the Humanimals of Planet Mizzer

To Be Continued