So the final chapter of The Humanimals of Mizzer if it seems the story is unfinished that is because the Mizzer Humanimals' story will be concluded in a story on Fanfiction DOT Net where the Ninja Turtles and few other Copyrighted Characters will be among the cavalry this is as far as the story gets without having any copyrighted characters in it and thus this as far as I can get on Fictionpress

So Beulah sighed as she reentered the Mansion and headed straight to the end of the hall where she entered the Skeleton's...Laboratory? The Skeleton was wearing a pair of goggles and said "Here are the plans to fix my ghost machine."

Beulah knew the drill, solve riddles and games to earn the missing parts.

After solving the Riddles in the key cabinet, the dining hall and the kitchen, Beulah reentered the living room/parlor she pulled back to the purple curtain to solve the window riddle and then her eyes popped when she saw that outside the window it still looked like the sun was setting and that made no sense as just a few hours ago she could see the sky had been pitch black...She thought back to the riddle in the Skeleton's Secret study and remembered when she looked out the window the sky had been a deep dark blue and the moon was rising over the leafless trees…

Beulah shuddered realizing just how deep the enchantment of this place really was...That the view outside this window would always be the same...That reality didn't matter here and it was like a dream in that sense...Beulah sensed really was like Alice after she walked through the looking glass.

But she completed the window riddle, solved all the other parlor riddles and played three rounds of Mystery Bins

I won't bore you with the rest of the riddles and games so after she earned every part she reentered the Laboratory. Looking over the plans she placed every part in place it, they fell in place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Upon completing the Ghost Machine The Skeleton instructed her to press button Number 1 to make the first Ghost Shadow.

To make Ghosts Beulah had to fill jars with various objects the Skeleton had hidden around the House. Some of the 'Objects' were Animals and this was where Beulah really hoped that her Theory that all the Creatures were actually toys because in order to make the Ghost the Objects were heated until they completely dissolved and out of the machine popped a 'Ghost' really it looked like the Cartoons imagine Ghosts to be, often looking like bed sheets, but Beulah suspected them to be more like enchanted holograms. The Six Ghosts were 'Shadow' 'Grave Yard' 'Tick-Tock' 'Rusty' 'Meow' and 'Critter' Beulah pressed the 7th Button the 7th Ghost was apparently named 'Get Out' and to make this Ghost she had to collect the previous six Ghosts...After doing that the Skeleton added himself...Placing himself in the Bugle that funneled into the rest of the machine, Beulah shivered as the Skeleton's bony legs stuck out of the bell of the bugle

The Skeleton said "It's time at last to get outside. Get Out will take you for a ride."

Beulah closed her eyes as she pressed to 'GO' Button and Skeleton and the other six Ghosts went through the Machine, out of the Machine popped the Skeleton, in a ghostly form! He grabbed Beulah and lifted her off her feet! They flew a few circles around the Laboratory before exiting the Laboratory a flying in the front hall before the Skeleton at last took Beulah into the chimney with him once again the House became as flexible as flash so the bulky Beetle could be squeezed out the chimney.

They shot out of the chimney like a rocket! Beulah felt the Skeleton release her and she opened her eyes, she gasped! She was ascending further and further into the sky! She was surrounded by a halo of white fire but she wasn't burned in the slightest...As she entered the furthest layers of the atmosphere Beulah realized this enchanted fire was why she was still breathing and not freezing!

Skeleton and returned to his sold boney form floating beside her as they her halfway to Viola Strierra's Moon!

Skeleton recited his last poem as his form of farewell "Through a window, mouse hole, and chimney you've gone, This spooky night is ending, it's almost dawn, The time has come to say good bye, you've mastered this game of Spooky I Spy!"

Meanwhile Smurgle who had remained awake to ensure he would be able to tell his Fellow Humanimals weather Beulah won or not, the Dragon's eyes lit up as what seemed to be a shooting star came up from the Earth flying into to the sky!

"She's won!" Smurgle exclaimed all the other Humanimal Slaves awoke and out the Windows the burning white shooting star ascended Humanimal, by they Mizzerian or otherwise whooped and cheered!

Beulah marveled at the beauty of Outer Space as she flew finally she saw her destination...A strange Planetoid, clearly capable of supporting life Beulah fell through the branches of strange tropical trees and landed in some deep, soft mud.

Beulah coughed and sputtered...She was free...She was alive...She rose to her feet and danced grateful simply to be alive!

Has anyone reading this ever seen One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest?