Chapter 1

By Shadowgate


19 year old Arvin Quire was in a secret government lab with his biological father Colton. They had DNA science that was going to be used to turn people into giants. The purpose would be to make military troops almost invincible. He would become a giant who was nearly invincible.

Colton told his son "let's go over the reasons why you will be doing this."

Arvin read the reasons listed on a slate.

My girlfriend in tenth grade announced she was moving and bullies started rumors that the only reason she left me is because I was gay.

Our rotten neighbor Edna Whale spent two years tattling on me just because she had nothing better to do. That's what a fat lady does.

In my senior year of high school a new principal came along and he didn't like me personally. I was put through torment for the whole year while my classmates got away with bullying others.

I want to have power for once in my life.

Revenge against the fucking bullies.

Arvin smiled with delight.

His dad giggled and said "I can't wait until you start slaughtering the snobs in this community."

Arvin replied "oh I'll slaughter them alright."

In the meantime it was a beautiful evening in a community that would soon be targeted for mass destruction.

Eric Spring pulled up into his drive way. When he got out of his car Bonnie Flake walked up to say hi and congratulate him on getting elected to the local school board.

He said he was very happy and he would implement more rules favoring teachers and school discipline.

Bonnie said "good because I'm tired of the lack of punishment in public schools."

Thomas and his twin brother Cordell Gender ran up to Eric Spring and he was delighted to see them.

"Well now you two boys are in good shape. It's nice to see you with your shirts tucked in."

Both boys smiled and congratulated him on getting the job as head of school board.

Little did everyone know the father and son duo would bring about destruction to the town tomorrow morning, this beautiful Friday would be a distant memory.