Chapter 5

By Shadowgate

Arvin Quire made his way on foot all the way to New York City. It only took him two hours. He left most of his hometown in ruins. Authorities from his hometown contacted the FBI and within an hour the FBI contacted the President.

The President issued a national emergency declaring Arvin Quire a terrorist in action to be taken down at all costs.

He furthermore sent a direct order to execute Colton Quire on the spot. The FBI sent that order straight to the county jail where Colton was held. The authorities took him out of his cell and escorted him into the parking lot. The county sheriff shot him in the head. It was videotaped and compared to the execution of the Vietcong leader.

Now the authorities all across America were on high alert. They knew Arvin Quire the Homozilla could easily travel cross country on foot. They knew he was in New York City.

The United States Military Generals met in a secret base. Their Mission-Annihilate Homozilla.

Colonel Brett Dexter said "General Perkins, sir a missile might get the job done but it would do some tragic damage to New York City."

The President was stuck waiting on the matter. One hour after Homozilla destroyed several ghetto schools in New York City the President gave the military orders to destroy Homozilla at once no matter what it took.

Of course having given the order of destruction one hour later the military had no choice to return communication.

Colonel Dexter got on the phone with the President and told him Homozilla was no longer in New York City.

"Well where the fuck is that giant motherfucker now?" The President demanded to know.

Colonel Dexter replied "it only took him 20 minutes to get to Oregon according to our satellite in space which we're monitoring him from."

The President yelled "well send airplanes to Oregon and do whatever is necessary to wipe him out."

Military Jets were headed to Canyon City Oregon.

Homozilla could sense them coming. As he waited for them he decided to wipe out a few families in site. After he did that there were big pools of blood everywhere.

Homozilla just laughed but soon he looked up to find two big jets coming at him. One of them fired a missile and he hit the missile sending it straight back into the plane blowing it up.

After that Homozilla laughed again.

The other pilot was infuriated and reported back to base that his partner had been killed in action.

The superior officers were so mad they slammed their fists down on their desks.

General Buck Winger yelled "I want more fighter pilots sent to destroy that fucking monstrosity."

Colonel Dexter yelled out "I'll go myself."

After informing the general of his personal plan and saluting him he marched straight out of the military base. He got into his plane and started the engine.

He said out loud "I'll take down Homozilla if it's the last Goddamn thing I do."

It didn't take him long to take off. Several marines got into jets and took off behind him.

Of course they would end up too late to save the second jet fighter who called for backup.

Homozilla laughed again after knocking him out of control and sending him crashing into the ground.

Although he wouldn't laugh for long. An hour later the Colonel and his jet fighters all crashed into him and a major explosion took out Homozilla as well as Canyon City.