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Date: 19/06/17

Time: 9:47 pm - 11:00 pm

Mari didn't understand why people screamed when she tried to talk to them. Mari Kurasama knew she wasn't particularly pretty nor was she ugly, she was just plain. Average. That's all she had ever been. Mari found out she had a rare type of bone cancer two months after she had graduated from High School and had decided not to have any treatment, she would rather live her life the way she wanted to before she died. The Doctor's told her she only had around two years to live.

That was more then enough time. She wasn't afraid of dying, her parents on the other hand wanted her to take the treatment s she could live a long happy life but Toki knew they were only saying that to make themselves feel better. One of the side effects of the cancer was she started to look a doll. Mari didn't know why the Doctors were trying to create a cure for her.

There was nothing wrong with her. Just because she was starting to look like a doll didn't mean she couldn't look after herself. It sometimes felt like she was floating when she walked - her toes barely touching the ground, she would often sit on the window seat in her hospital room and watch the world outside passing by. Before her death, she gained the moniker of Ghost Doll because of how quite she was, if she didn't want to be seen or heard then she wasn't.

Mari had gone to bed one night and hadn't woken up, the reason behind her death was unknown but she suspected the bone cancer had spread. Mari didn't know why she hadn't passed on; she discovered a whole new world when she finally got up the courage to leave her room. A world that was far brighter, colorful and loud then the world of the living which was a cold, dull place, or it was to her anyway.

Ever spirit she met was very kind and caring though some where mischievous while other were just curious and playful. Not many people could see Mari but those who could were often close to death or thinking of taking their life, in that situation she tried to convince them that taking their life wasn't worth it and there were people who did care about them.

The only thing that really marked the passage of time was the changes to her room, she had plenty of guests over the years, some stayed for a short time while other stayed for a decade or more.

Not all of them could see her but those who could were shocked and more than happy to talk to her.

Mari never tried to hurt anyone even then there were some things she couldn't stop from happening but most of the spirits knew to leave the hospital alone, they knew she was very protective of her 'children' as she called the patients in the hospital as that's what they were to her. Children. Mari never tried to hurt anyone, even though there were some thing she couldn't stop from happening.

Most spirits knew to leave the hospital alone, they knew she was very protective of her 'children' as she called the patients. The father of one of the girls who was a long-term patient had thought his daughter was insane until one of the nurses explained his daughter was talking to the benevolent ghost who haunted the hospital.

Mari always hated that explanation; she would step in when she thought someone need her help but was mostly more than happy to watch the goings on.

The staff at the hospital knew she was there, watching them and had taken to carrying a notebook and pen around so Mari could talk to them without freaking the other patients or their families out even though they knew Mari was there.

Over the years the staff had learned to pay attention when strange things started to happen as they knew Mari didn't trust that particular person as their children/girl or boyfriend had suspicious bruises, cuts or broken bones. Mari was always able to spot the signs and was able to get the children away from their parents/significant other without their parents/significant other knowing.

They weren't sure how she managed it. Apparently, some of the children how come to the hospital could see Toki which a shock to the staff at had been first but they were pleased they weren't going crazy due to long hard hours they often had to put in. There was one-time Mari had stopped a couple from leaving the hospital, it was the first time they had ever really seen her

Some of the children who come to the hospital were able to see Mari which had shocked the staff at first, but they were crazy due to the long, hard hours they often had to put in. They all remembered the first time they had actually seen had stopped a couple from leaving. They had only ever been able to see a shadow or hear her voice they had never been able to actually see her even though most of them had seen the old photo of her.

It had been a pleasant day; everyone noticed a change in the atmosphere when a couple and their three children arrived. Kalaya was the oldest, being nineteen while Suma and Karina were three-years-old and twelve-years-old respectively. Mari was uneasy and restless when they were put in her room. They looked nervous. Not that she blamed them.

Karina kept pulling her shirt down to hide something. The look her father gave her made Mari's insides twist. Mari had one of the nurses distract the children parents, so she could to them. It wasn't hard as they had years of practice. Kalaya, Karina and Suma had been terrified when Mari shadow appeared but calmed down after she promised to keep them safe.

Mari felt her blood boil when Kalaya told her what their parents had done. After the children had been treated their parents found they were unable to enter her room. Mari was sitting on the window seat when Karina was grabbed by her father as she was the closest to th door. His tight grip on her arm making the twelve-year-old scream.

"Your ungrateful brats," Kalaya's father snapped tightening his grip on Karina's arm uncaring of the fact he was hurting his twelve year old daughter, his grip tightened even more when Kalaya tried to pry his hand from her little sister's arm. The little girl looked absolutely terrified not that Mari really blamed her as she knew the girl's father had likely hurt her several times before, rather badly.

"No, you're a bastard who would rather be out playing poker and getting drunk then looking after your family and ignoring the fact your wife's cheating on you," Kalaya yelled glaring at her father. Kalaya's mother slapped her, leaving a red hand print. Kalaya would have cracked her head when she hit the floor after her father punched her had Mari not stepped in and caught her before she could hurt herself.

Kalaya was shocked when she a pale arm wrap around her waist; she looked up to see a pale women not much older than she was with blue and black hair. Her purple eyes were glowing. Kalaya guessed the woman was Mari. Kalaya knew she should have been scared but she wasn't. Anyone else would be. The nearby nurses were shocked when they saw a pale twenty-five-year-old women appear; her dark blue hair almost looked like black ink, her glowing bright purple eyes seemed unearthly.

A little like stars, the women wasn't wearing any shoes. The ghost looked like a doll and was wearing an old fashioned white and red dress that looked a little like a night gown and seemed to be floating, her toes were barely touching the cold ground. They knew it was Mari right away even though they had never seen her other than the very old picture outside her room. She truly looked like a ghost doll from how pale and breakable she look in the photo.

"Your children aren't going anywhere. You're not welcome here. Get out and don't come back," Mari snapped, her voice sounded like bells. Kalaya's parents stare at her for a few seconds before collecting their belongings and scrambling to get away from Mari. Karina and Suma hugged Mari making her laugh. The sound sending shivers down their spines,

Kalaya, Karina and Suma had their injuries treated and arrangements were made for the three children to stay at the hospital. Kalaya knew Mari would do anything to look after the inhabitance of the hospital, she was their guardian who had seen a lot, told excellent stories and somehow managed to get even the most suborn babies and children to go to sleep. Everything was perfectly normal at the Kurasama Children's Hospital.

Well... almost normal but that was the way they liked it.

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