The girl, glowing slightly fluorescent in the moonlight, floated over to the window of the attic, looking down at the enormous trucks below. With "Removalist" printed on the side, she squealed and hurried away, finding herself in front of the enormous silver mirror that held her reflection.

"That cannot be good, can it Lorelei?" she asked, talking to herself in the mirror.

"They're coming to remove you," she answered, before smiling at her reflection and descending the attic stairs.

"You cannot let that happen. Not after all this time."

The window on the third floor of her family's old house gave her a better view of the people outside. Several men in uniforms with "Removalist" on their backs moved large boxes and new furniture from the trucks towards the front porch, and a van with four children inside sat in the driveway, where her mother's old Bentley had once sat. A woman was telling the men where to put the objects, and another was berating one of the younger children for something mundane.

"These don't seem like those ghost hunters from last week," Lorelei said as she pushed her face up against the glass.

"Maybe they are trying to trick us. Get us to drop our guard. Also, those ghost hunters were last decade."

Lorelei frowned as she said that. Last decade? That had to be wrong.