Scene One

A city street. People are milling about. Narrator speaks from behind the curtain.

Narrator: Once upon a different today,

In a land not so far away,

It was a time of war and strife…

Enter Anonymous Gunman

Anonymous Gunman: (leers) Where all were afraid to lose their life!

Anonymous Gunman starts shooting. People scatter, screaming.

Narrator: Yes, fear was in the hearts of all,

And all did hide, lest they fall…

All run off. Enter Wise Woman

Wise Woman: But, lo! There was a prophecy,

That told of one certain colony

From which, a hero would one day come…

Wise Woman runs off.

Narrator: But which colony it was - of that, knew none.

And there was to be one sharp sword

Which the hero would wield - thus was the ancestors' word!

But it had become an urban myth

Just a story to send children to bed with

Still, two clans searched far and wide

Hoping to find the weapon for their own side

Both thought the other clan hateful, evil and cruel

And themselves - the savior, the deliverer, the jewel…

Enter Young Vera with Jackson (from right side) and Young Hayden with Young Naomi (from left side)

Vera: We'll never lose to the Burnetts! You'll never find it!

Naomi: Oh, please, Fitzgerald! You're just bluffing. And besides, you can't do anything but wait around until your baby is born!

Jackson: (gasps and touches his wife's stomach) How did you find out!

Hayden: (sneers) It was so obvious, you might as well have broadcasted it to the entire world. (mocks Vera) Oh, Jackson, I can't believe I'm pregnant! I don't know if I'm ready for this yet! (returns to normal voice) Getting pregnant was a really stupid thing to do, wasn't it? Because now we have the advantage. You can't search or fight anymore, or you'll risk the baby's life.

Vera: Ha. That doesn't affect our chances, does it, honey?

Jackson: (nodding) Exactly. We're going to be victorious, no matter what!

Naomi: Oh, are you really? What if Vera was suddenly all alone in the world, with a child to raise, and no man to help her?

Hayden: Yeah, Jackson. What would happen if you died? Or what if Vera herself died?

Jackson: You can't threaten us.

Vera: (alarmed) Wait, yes they can! Naomi has a gun!

Naomi: (raising her gun) I'm going to count down from five, and then I'm going to fire. I hope I do hit one of you!

Jackson: We have to run!

Jackson and Vera start running.

Naomi: 5… 4… 3… 2… oh forget it!

Naomi shoots just as Vera trips. Jackson jumps in front of Vera and takes the bullet for her. He falls to the ground.

Hayden: Well? You're definitely going to lose now. You're alone. You're pregnant. You have nothing!

Hayden and Naomi laugh maniacally, then run off.

Vera: No, Jackson!

Jackson: Vera, I'm scared…

Vera: Shh, shh, it's okay now. I'm right here.

Jackson: It hurts so much…

Vera: I know. Just… please hold on. Please don't leave me. Not now. Your child will need you!

Jackson: I'm so sorry… Vera…

Jackson takes his last breath, and then lies still.

Vera: Jackson! No! (bursts into tears)

Song: Never Again

Singer: Vera
Never, never again
Will I see your eyes
Will I see your smile
Never again will we be together
But my love for you will never die
Never, never again
Will I see your eyes
Will I see your smile
Never again will you kiss my lips softly
But my love for you will never die.

Curtain falls

End of Scene One