The following is a post taken from " " the original poster was a user by the name of "GhostChaserGirl". The original poster, claims the events detailed within the post are true. Some of the imagers are pretty graphic. So the general reader should keep that in mind.

Hey everybody, its GhostChaserGirl here. I've been browsing the forums for the last few days. And since it seems everybody's sharing there own ghost stories or supernatural encounters. I thought I should share a memory from my childhood. See up till the age of eleven I lived in a Anglican run orphanage on the east coast of Erehwon. Once I turned twelve, I was moved into the "Forrest Manner" a group home owned and staffed by Tim and Sharla Forrest. I was twelve at the time.

I'm sixteen now, also around the time I was twelve I started to explore the grounds of the home. I explored every nook and cranny of the house. Save for the boys wing and the adult sections. But there was one area I dared not to visit. See behind the house there can be marsh. Now the backyard is massive. Thrice the size of your normal backyard. A creek, its source some hidden well deep within the woods, flows through the woodland that forms a natural boundary with the marsh being located at the very end.

Now from the bedroom windows of the house, you could see into the marsh, it was a vast.. A vast space filled with reeds, cattails and pools of water. The smell of dead and rotting fish often filled the air along with the sour smell of decaying vegetation. At night, normally between the first quarter and full moon. Balls of light could be seen dancing up and down above those grayish green pools of waters.

Now, here's the kicker about the marsh. There dozens of footpaths running this way and that through the whole thing. Its like a maze, those balls of light often floated in the center of such a path or trail. The adults can't see them and I myself now at this age have to strain my eyes to catch even the faintest glimpses of one. One night, when I was a few days short of my thirteenth birthday.

I remember that night, it was late October and Halloween was just around the corner. The moon was full and the ground was covered in frost. The pools of the marsh where iced over and the wind was whipping around me. I had started this adventure at twilight. It was now full dark and the wind cut my exposed skin like a knife.

For over a hour and a half I had been following the bouncing balls of light. It kind of reminded of how Saria's Song, and how in the Ocarina of Time, you follow that melody through the Lost Woods. And in a way, I was using the light from the balls to navigate the many trails and footbaths that crisscrossed the whole area.

After a few moments of stumbling over rotten logs and sloshing through muddy holes and getting bruised and cut from the falls, trips and my bubbling through the thorn and thistle bushes that grew along the trail. As I was slugging my way through this hellish landscape, a sudden cloud bank passed overhead and covered the moon till only a slither of silver moonlight filtered down. And then a sudden breath of cold, autumn air passed over me and caused me to shiver.

At this point, the weight of my pack was starting to wear me down.. Pack you ask? Yes, see at that time I was a "Cadettes" In Erehwon's branch of the Girl Scouts. I had just earned by Bronze Reward a year before and was working toward my Silver Reward. I would later earn, I'm now working toward Gold. But that a different story.

Anyway being a "Seasoned" adventure scout, I always packed a bag with me when I went into the woods. Clique as it seems the old motto of "Be Prepared" was always on my mind when ever I ventured out. My backpack held the basic woodland items that any good adventure should have. Think of it like this, this was your basic adventure kit. The items included but where not limited too. A standard first aid kit, rope, pocket knife, salty snacks, compass, a fold out map of your local community, some MRE's and finally rounding off the list was a few carefully wrapped candy bars. On the outside hung a hatched. Along with a tin messkit.

Put it all together and this stuff weighed a freaking ton. And with the light of the moon gone, I was forced to follow ever closer to the bouncy balls of light that danced right in front of me. With every yard I put behind me, they grew brighter and brighter till at last I found myself standing in a clearing.

The clearing was this massive circle and at the center of this circle was a old tree stump. Taking a deep breath, I moved toward the center where the stump was, releasing my breath I climbed on top of the stomp and looked around. Swamp as far as the eye could see greeted me. As I looked around me, I could faintly see the flickering yellow light of the top floors of the manner house, no doubt at least a mile away. And as I stood there, peering toward the box outline of the house, something deep inside of my heart started to tug.

Sighing I stepped down from stump. I then noticed three paths feeding off of the clearing. The first one was to the left, the second one to the right and the third one was in the middle. The glowing orbs of light had vanished at this point. Tired, cold and wet and yes even a little hungry, I toyed around with the idea of heading back. But dang it, I'd come this far and I was going to see this thing to the end. Even if I had no idea what the end was.. I had started this adventure following bouncing balls of colorful light, they had lead me here to this clearing before vanishing. So really my quest was done.

But something started to pull me toward one of the three paths. For a good long minute, I stood there till I reached into the pocket of my hoodie and pulled out my pocket knife. Feeling bold, I carved. "Sue was here on 10/18/15" and with that done.. I folded the blade and returned it to my pocket. And then taking another breath I reached for my hatchet. Wrapping my fingers around the hilt, I started to advance.

The path I took was the left one. And I was surprised to see that the path was more like a nature trail. Wide and well maintained. Oddly free of sticks and leaves. The grass was nice and clipped. After ten minutes of walking I reached another clearing. This was a huge circle.. At center of the circle stood a large tree. I could see through the dark two other entrances to this clearing..

A sudden breeze passed through the meadow again, the clouds above my head where pushed back and the moon returned, the moon coated the area with bright, silvery light. And through that light the most horrible sight I had ever witness was reveled to me.

Dozens upon dozens of broken bird bodies littered the ground, piles of old feathers. Bloody pieces of fur from rabbits hung in the branches. Weather worn collars, the color fading from them, the metal name plate rusted littered the ground. Torn blouses, skirts, panties, trousers, shirts, jackets and shoes dotted the ground, so think in places one could walk across them. Old shattered CD's, Gameboy's, Gameboy Advances, lay discard on the ground. So much trash.. So many childhood treasures.

Then the smell, the whole area smelled like rotting meat. Twisted images of death flooded into my mind. Helpless woodland animals being caught in snares and pulled toward the waiting mouth of something. There screams of pain pierced my mind and twisted my soul. The crunching of there bones filled my ears. The images of children who had followed those lights, those same lights that had lead me here! They came to my mind, there faces bruised and battered, there bodies broken and tortured. There minds, body and spirit broken and finally the tree with its long branches would pull the children toward its mouth and consume them..

For several minutes, I stood there peering toward the tree, then the limbs started to move toward me.. Flight or fight took hold and mad courage I started to charge the tree. If that sounds foolish, then let me tell you something. I've been doing Kendo for six years, and at twelve I was very petite, the smallest girl on the team roster. Most of the other girls towered over me.

So being the smallest girl on the team and not the quickest, I learned the first strike always counts. So striking hard and fast and often became my game winning strategy. So when the thing started to move toward me, in away that was totally not natural, I attacked.

The melee that followed was a desperate eight minute fight for survival. As the branches came at me, I started to chop, the sharp blade cut through the wood and cut clean through the bark. Sap, the color and thickness of strawberry jelly seeped from the torn of branch and the tree shook and groaned with each cut I landed. Then it happen, its vine had somehow gotten wrapped around me leg and the tree sensing its long, hard fought victory was at hand reveled its true form.

Two eyes opened up. The eyes where just slits with what seemed like a cat-eyes marble rolling around the slits. Its mouth opened, the hollow hole in its trunk became a dark void, and row upon row of sharp white teeth, teeth whiter than flour and round like stones appeared. My mind broke and releasing a howl, I raised the axe up and brought it down upon one of the eyes.

What happen next, shattered my soul. A loud splitting noise, kind of like the sound cloth makes when its being torn filled the cool autumn air. The tree dropped me and blood, dark green blood poured out from the eye socket and onto the trunk of the tree. The tree groaned and shuttered and echoed. The ground under me started to shake as dozen of vines shot up. With a furry of a trapped rabbit, I started to hack at the vines, each one I hacked down spewed this dark orange puss. Soon the ground was soaked with it and the tree, the tree with its one good eye was eyeing me the whole time.. I don't know what happen next, I can only remember running away as the sound of the tree echoed and bellowed behind me.

My soul shattered, my mind in pieces, I reached down, for reasons I still don't know and took a "Dora The Explora" theme backpack into my hands and ran.. I ran through the marsh, tripping and falling. Bruising my ribs and twisting my ankle. My axe long abounded, my other gear tinkering behind me. The backpack pulled close to my chest. The last thing I remember was reaching the safety of the yard before passing out.

I woke a few days later in St. Margaret Of Scotland's Hospital. I was in the children's ward. It seems I had been out cold for a good two days, only waking up long enough to shout something about a tree or missing children. I later learned the backpack I carried with me, belonged to a missing child "Case 1989". I never learned the child's name.

I spent a total of four days at St. Margaret's. And a further ten days in Bethlem Royal Hospital.. Aka Bedlam. Upon my release, I stopped exploring. I stopped going into the woods at night. And I started sleeping with a nightlight. Time and time again, the adults at the house have asked me.. They have asked me the most simple question. That question being "What happen? Where did you find that missing child's backpack?" My way responding to shut up and they stopped asking.

But one nights when all is still, and the house is silent. And I'm walking the dog or cat.. I can still see those lights and if I listen, I mean really listen. I can almost hear that tree.. Groaning in pain and shivering from the wound I inflicted upon it. I hope, I hope I've weaken it enough so it can only feed on woodland animals and stray birds.

The End.